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Renault police force seized 6 million drugs, weapons and narcotics. Grab

In Newfoundland and Labrador, police experienced the first crackdown on drug trafficking as part of a drug bust.

fufundland Royal Police held a press conference in St. Petersburg. About John’s journey and his strategy
Rhinoceros includes three houses on the Avalon Peninsula.

More than 700 kilograms of amphetamines and more than 1,000g of cocaine were seized in the rust, along with illegal substances.
According to the RNC, the total number of trips is more than 6 million items.

Police seized more than 180,000 coins, six firearms and two Armurand vehicles.

Google’s Tom Warren said the investigation began in September 2019 after the pharmaceutical industry expanded its drug-related

Researchers believe that non-pharmaceutical companies belong to this group.
As Warren said

The cooperation of our police officers sends a strong message that this movement does not exist in our society.

Complete list of Canada
Three men were arrested and released. No charges were filed on Thursday, but Warren was not released.

The model is a national initiative thanks to RCMP members from Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia and England.
Local police in Thunder Bay, Colombia and Ontario.

Warren said his strong team is complex and dedicated
Not just from our state, but across Canada.

Warren said drug users in the winter region are at risk of infection.
Dead substances such as fentanyl. The machines can produce 20,000 tablets per hour and appear to have purchased them
Weir Warren on the black internet

It is believed that any study done by the RNC tested the effectiveness of bones and other policing systems with st. Janhofa
In recent weeks, the murder of James Code on Kigmimler street has sparked a riot on Campam street.


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