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Report spam and phishing statistics in the first quarter of 2019

darknet Report spam and phishing statistics in the first quarter of 2019
Darknet Report spam and phishing statistics in the first quarter of 2019

July 18, 2019

Even before
Valentine’s Day
Typically, writing a convenient way to sit on the day of charity is to ensure your privacy.
The user recorded the optical cards, such as bank card information. Cybercriminal also comes from games played by online flowers.
When it comes to clothing, consumers are often asked to buy a shoe product like Viagra. Click here
Include message Victim’s value leads to unemployment.

Losses now
In March, we picked up the latest import data from Apple, which quickly attracted customers. I like
However, many users who tried to cheat Reddit sites used Apple’s legitimate services. You
Internet connections and green email come from Apple to provide connectivity and store integration
Registration information can be found on the fake Apple ID page.

Applying principles
Customer support email is a popular type of online scam. The number of such positions has increased
Onhanga Port. Links to fake technical support sites (and review reviews) can be found in separate sections.
And social media.

All of these profiles discovered in the first trimester have one thing in common:
Business support
products that allow highly skilled and highly skilled workers
who is said to be ready to help. Probably not for free.
Consumers are not only satisfied, but also simple
confused again.

Last year, fishermen and other searchers left the list of popular social networks Instagram.
This policy will continue, as fraudsters will take full advantage of the program and will not leave a link to the program to steal
sensitive data.
comments, in addition to registering accounts, paying for advertising and attracting celebrities to share content.

Internet advertisers use similar methods to attract gifts, promising them expensive goods or services. is
In such conventional systems, the user needs all sorts of information, starting with bank accounts. He appears without saying it
All user rights are their personal data.

Easy to read
In the first quarter, we recorded a large number of cases of fraud related to automatic alerts, which seems to be a great
legitimate way to manage valid email. list of recipients. Fraudsters tried to force the recipients into hypocritical fraudulent
Check your account or update your payment information. False domains are sometimes used as real services
Sometimes newly created websites redirect the victim to fraudulent permission.

In the first quarter, we saw an increase in spam for users in the United States (home auto cleaning).
A system that manages large transactions with small business consumers. The message is from fake news
Transfer status is rated by a regular user or company. The message contains malicious attachments
(archives, documents): Download link for malicious infection files.

The business dream is driven by a spammer
This month I am writing important news. The announcement was certainly sent to a well-known company.
attract potential candidates. Users are offered to register a free job search engine
Special program for accessing databases on a computer. They are users when trying to download applications from cloud services
A pop-up window called DDoS Protection message with a link to the company’s website
the names of some well-known labor agencies are used under some names). If the user sees this, it contains a malicious DOC file
Installed by Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen: Trojan-Banker.Win32.Gozi.bqr.
victim’s car.

As expected, cryptocurrencies are not seeing a decline in cybercrime. Spammers continue to accept cryptocurrency payments
users who have been sexually assaulted. In the first quarter of 2019, we discovered a very deceptive plan that sent a message to
On behalf of the CIA agent who accesses the recipient file for digital distribution owned
pornographic material with young children

The imaginary employee, whose name was changed from message to message, said he found details about the victim in the file.
(actually collected from social networks / chat / forums on the Internet). Claimed to be an international party
Operations to monitor more than 2,000 people suspected pedophiles in 27 countries throughout the world. But employees know
The victim gained a protected reputation by demanding to pay $ 10,000 for bitcoin.

Play with someone who is afraid of your personal information.
Fraudsters use the same method as last year to determine the year they visited
This time personal data, porn photos, etc.
CIA employees whose information is trustworthy and intimidating
Used by everyone.

In addition to Malaysian society
In the first period, RuNet’s marketing campaign went under a strange and strange attack. Content that mimics real business
The message itself is clear to the victim’s marketing partner.

There is also a theft of financial information from international companies and the spread of bad e-mails.
He receives false reports from an American company that provides suspicious data services. It has no other connection
They all pass on the same message. Lack of writing can encourage victims to open an attachment.
Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen. Download Trojan-Banker.win32.tractor.jen and install it on your computer.

Business initiative in the banking sector
The goal is for us to gather banks regularly. Scammers try to get fake news as much as possible
Change the sender’s domain at the sender’s address, follow the official email form, and hope you create
In the first semester, trainers use training activities to reassure victims of the authenticity of the messages they receive.
This is very much a message of condemnation of the Christian terrorist attacks. The strikers are waiting for her
The Bank of New Zealand is building trust as a credible message. The bank said in an e-mail that it was issuing some
You must update your account information to get the new security settings.

Communication will send the user to a fraudulent transaction at a New Zealand bank. All details are included
When / pressing the online notification button.

The highest pollution recorded in March in the first quarter of 2019 was 56.33 percent. Estimated percentage of spam in the email
55.97%, with the fourth quarter of 2018 (+ 0.07%).

Russia’s largest sales took place in January (56.19%). Average price per quarter
55.48% equals 2.01 pick. More K4.

Waste source of the country
Overall, the major spam countries are China (15.82%) and the United States (12.64%). The other 3 German laws
Russia (6.88 per cent) and Brazil (6.95 per cent) are fifth in the Q1 (5.86 per cent). Inside
France is in sixth place (4.26%), Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58%). The first 10 r
Vietnam (2.18%).

In the first quarter of 2019, the highest email turnover (up to 2 KB) for spam sales was 7.14 pence compared to the fourth quarter
of 2018, increasing by 73.98%. Name 25
Family planning is 8.27% (with a value of 3.15%). 5.11% transition to 1020 KB and 1.08 page savings in the fourth quarter.
Contact size 2050 kb 3.00% (size 0.4 pp compared to 2018).

In the first quarter of 2019, the most intensive post block lo. Exploit.msoffice.cvE-201.-162 became 73%. Mu 32nd Andromeda (7.62%) and Wormwin 32.WBVB (4.80%) are in second place. The other is the four places of abuse
Microsoft Office quality study. MSOffice.CVE-2018-0802 (2.81%) Trojan-SpyWine 32. None (2.42%)

Scripts for war are not ideal for controlled countries
Letters have the third highest number of cases in the country (11.6%). He agreed
Vietnam (0.24.24%) is in second place and Russia (5.70%) in third place.

Statistics: fishermen
For the first time in the first quarter of 2019, an attempt was made to persuade 112,832,308 users to hack websites. 12.11% of all
Kaspersky Office units
Customers around the world are offensive.

Think about the place of work
According to last year, Brazil had the largest number of fishermen in the first quarter of 2019.
Height 1.53 p.p.

In second place is Australia with eight places (1.20%). Add page 2422. 46.4646 million P.P. After the Brazilian peak. He left for
The position is in 5th place from Portugal (1.8-86%) and Venezuela (1.722%).

The society has no original
Animals change often
Employees recognize the results of phishing against Kaspersky Lab
Chips. When user tries to remove A.
A thief steals information by clicking on a link in an email or a website
It depends on the evidence or physical activity. U? This section is empty
A report showing the design to the user is displayed in the browser
Problems of pregnancy.

The lists in this column show the status of the most common functions
In the same period last year, 5.23 pages, an increase of 25.78%.

Payments to the global portal (19.82%)
Another group consists of financial institutions.
In third place (17.33%).

In the first quarter of 2019, global social media had 0.06 pages worldwide. At 55.97%, the private system is closed
111,832,308,35,220,650 floods took place in the last period of protests.

Today, scammers do not take this opportunity to maintain high standards
Personalized advertising (production of Apple products in New Zealand)
Militant attacks). Homosexual pain
Reliable computer systems and they come with new guarantees
A story about a prophet.

Attackers continue to use social media to achieve their goals and start advertising on social media.
Holiday guests tend to improve their quality.

Source: Kaspersky RU Laboratory [


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