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Romboware Attacks on State Computer Systems in Vigo County Indiana

Vivi County, Indiana July 23, attacked the internet.
State sanctions are currently being considered.
Computer software.

At first, Vigo officials were not sure about the type of attack.
Information technology says redemption has not been read
WTHR News Director Jeremy Snowden [
However, the city manager approved the ransom on July 24.

IT component users working in non-cybersecurity companies are more likely to initiate complaints about harassment.
And government agencies publish WTHI news

Vigo County Commissioner Judith Anderson says the official said this was an attack on Tuesday morning.

Jeremy Snowden, Director of Information Technology
I was convinced that the virus was used in the attack
You have declined an application for funding. He said he was unknown
Important information is violated.

Commissioner Brad Anderson said the country is working with a computer security provider to report the escape.

Earlier this month, Liputo was targeting a sireware attack in northwestern Indiana.

Vigo wasn’t expecting the attack, so he had cyber insurance.
It has an added cost and you expect the program to keep the leader in numbers.
Complete the task in a short time.

Vigo is located in the town of Ter Haut, but reports have yet to be released on their computer systems.


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