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Russian fraudster Hydra was arrested for selling a billion dollars on the market

Hate the job, but do you always want to be rich? Why didn’t you get the money? The paper revealed the secret of a billion
high-quality rubles ($ 13.25 million) between three Russian men from Benny Novgorod.

According to the creators of Moscow, announced in March. After obtaining false data in Tatarstan in 2019, the police said that the
verification was poorly performed. The survey found that there is a nationwide network of counterfeit, distributed and high
quality products in the country.

According to police, the network has spread to Russia and Russia
Members do not know them personally. The team will ensure
Discuss pre-sales texts and distribute nationwide
While the first Fake Online record came in 2019, they were forever
In 2020

The false official plans are Ole Efremov, Evan Avrov and Andrew Skvortsov, residents of Nizhny Novgorod. Neonni Novgorod, about
400 kilometers east of Moscow, is a city of over one million people. During the auction, police found various materials, including
a color printer, laptop, light bulb and pre-registered shield. The criminal group operates for a year and wins over 3,000 cases.

In addition to the arrest of the three officers, police were also present
Another contributor, Yulia Isova Muskovit
Alexandru Porhunov, a native of Balshikha.

According to Business,
Modus operandi involves the sale of zinc sheets
The Hydra website is dark in facial features. Update
For investigators, the value of 500,000 rubles will take 10 to 10 percent
Cheapest and cheapest between 150,000 and 30%
Land Value

Payments are made using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

in the tank
Online black tools are available in your browser
Tor saves the user’s IP address. Hence, it is impossible
Police have found that they are all involved, and some have been identified
Free download names. His identity protected him
Use that information


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