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Russian journalist accused of funding QQAAZZ

darknet Russian journalist accused of funding QQAAZZ
Darknet Russian journalist accused of funding QQAAZZ

The Florida-based lawsuit said it was working
An organized criminal group called QQAAZZ, which claims to have received money
Money laundering for cybercriminals in the United States

Maxim Boviko is 29 years old in the United States
He was summoned by the US Attorney General to Pittsburgh a few months ago
According to the previous budget, he became a musician
Close and share your Instagram posts from Florida Sun: Sand Dunes
Pool at home comfortable with a quick night
From the south coast.

In January, an appeals court acquitted several other QQAAZZ members, who were also charged with inciting a police officer. Buko is
in close contact with the head of the FBI’s QQAAZZ to support the allegations of the crime report.

The music version of this song is “Plinofficial”, which averages 1,533 per month
Audiences are working on Spotify in Surveying Horror.

Even though he was charged with money laundering in 2017, Boiko made a music video for his song ‘Night On Top’. Another music
video was recorded in 2014 (for “This Is Not About Money”) at the Guangzhou International Financial Center, China, where Boiko was
accused by hiding authorities. In the photo, Boiko takes a wall entitled “Ri Needs.”

“Hello America! Especially in Florida! Boiko wrote on Twitter on January 20.”

Hello America! Especially in Florida! – PLINOFICIAL (@Plinofficial) January 20, 2020

“But in the United States, I am 100% confident, but with the same attitude, I do violence in the eyes of the leaders. They say it
happens over time.”

In February, she shared the news of her daughter’s birth. “A.
American and Russian citizens, he wrote, “Pride of life. Thank you
World! & Nbsp;

A boycott appeared on Instagram last year
He lives a Canadian social life covered by a blue sky. “Damn!
Peringon, honey! “Boyko said in another video about his escape from the sea.”

Boyko’s case was not resolved on Monday because the first lawsuit was filed in the Pittsburgh Post.

Boyko and his wife entered the United States. Ever. January
Suspected perpetrators (Maxim Boyko and gang)
Online) America received $ 20,000 in cash and participation

While the United States interviewed the Consumer Protection Service and border customers
“The money comes from investing in bitcoin and financial leasing,” Boyko said.
Russian real estate ”

He is believed to be making money in Pennsylvania and
The 201 monitoring and detention certificate contains part of this
The image of Boyko’s social media is “a treasure unknown to Buko”.
He added that the fraud “did not come with the right actions”.
Do business ”

In April 201, Boyko shared his Instagram
Millions of dollars worth of photos at Mercedes-Benz.
Helis Instagram with the words “#BALLIN #SELFMADE”
The screen of the Chinese yuan has been on the table since August 201.
“Mexico.” The text reads: “Tell me your name.”

The boycott led to profits for “big computer criminals.”
Provides access to bank accounts that control crime everywhere.
The victim’s online verification account can convert the money into a ribbon
He is accused of converting stolen money into bitcoin.
Other digital variables

Boiko is used to enter email addresses
The BTC account is legally closed on the Cryptocurrency website
Held in 2017, her written statement. Data on the BTC-E platform
Boiko is suspected to have deposited 7,387,964 in his account
And 136 bitcoin was found. & nbsp;

Arrest the rapper
That’s the question. AZ is an investigation into groups of organized crime
The people of Georgia, Bulgaria and Latvia. Since 2015
The group has opened hundreds of individuals and companies
Account with a school company at a nearby financial institution
Team members use this account to “facilitate theft”.
The accidents in the US are estimated at million
Countries and around the world. ”

The QQAAZZ service is advertised on Russian web forums
They joked and argued, and the group communicated with cyber certificates
The client’s nickname is used in the hijacker’s encrypted message
“Richrich” and “Donald Trump 55.”

Access to cyber criminals
Companies infected with malware suffer from computer banks
Apply and then log in to activate the victim account
Transfer of fraud, prosecuted federal prosecutor.

Only for QQAAZZ
They received the stolen money and transferred it to other banks
Self-determination or service is considered
The money is real. The team can reduce from 40 to 50%
As a final announcement

Insurance sought
QQAAZZ Mailbox reveals the interfaces of many companies up front
And his bank account is registered here in the country. Some shells
Commercial and bank accounts are located in Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal.

March 29, 2017. Engaged in cybercrime, called “money laundering.”
Boiko, who joined the “criminal group” in the oppressive forum
a single account is required to get the line “200-300,000”

The team negotiates with the thieves
Encrypted messages that were sent by users to spam messages were sent alphabetically
“Rich” and “Donald Trump 55.”

Rivers a few minutes later
Enter a bank account in Hong Kong. It weighs about 300 pounds.
In the Bendas network, he replied: “Then we started paying attention.

The transfer could be blocked by the victim’s bank
Another report was issued a few days later. It’s about experience
Affected banks banned California companies.

The CFI found several attempts to move and brake the cable
This transfer of the company from the American company is carried out by Savage Real LDA
The Portuguese said they had made a statement. August 2018 at PPC Bank in Pittsburgh
Three fraudulent transfers claimed a victim of $ 700,000
The company is located in Ohio. The bank was able to stop and failed
They were gone. “”


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