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Security against leaks in biometric police systems leads to over a million fingerprints

Researchers know that biometric data left on the Internet is being collected by global biometric security companies.

A security device called Biostar 2 is used by thousands of companies.
Worldwide, including the British police and various banks.
He said access to information and printing is over a million
VPNMenter Security Company

Israeli security researchers supported by Noam Rothem and Ren Locker
VPNMenter is looking for an unreliable web biometric database.
Closed security files are created worldwide by Supreme.
Top 50 security system developments

Biostar 2 seeds are not only safe. But there are also limitations
According to the report, most data is not yet encrypted. All data 23 GB
Finger, identification data, face photo
User, anonymous username, password, personal information.
Because all employees are open to discovery and repair

Many crimes of this kind are risky. Biostar 2
It is often said that a large part of the mineral controlled market is biometric
GLE Itumalo. He just found a great topic

It also locks the key to Nedap, which integrates BioStar 2 with their AEOS system access.

The other side is that you can block your password
Swap and replace. What happens when your electric motor shuts down?
The tone cannot be changed; The face cannot be changed and it cannot
Care. All changes, they continue
There is only one gen, says Etienne Greekff, CTO
But the recorder.

He said people are talking about how to solve the problem
Head of Service.

Supremas is a writing business
His system. Integrated with BioStar 2
The system saves all information about everyone, including
Name Name, ID, your view, Space and Image Features
One machine.

This information is the biggest issue in this security measure
It was not saved at first. biometrics
Fingerprints, including data, are secure, but not scratch
Without changing them. Data is also stored.
In a shared cloud database. This security is very good
Unfortunately, practice.

Disruptions due to security breaches in the supply chain are common
Your spouse, three or four levels in your organization,
Scurio CEO Jeremy Handy said.

In this example, Korea’s biometrics are violated
The technology company is Suprima, the company uses Nadas technology.
It provides a management system to manage access to thousands of different organizations.
Including banks, police and security agencies. In today’s digital complex
Data streams for their ecosystems, customers, and employees.
In thousands of different ways, most people don’t
“I know that,” he said.

Information about biotic stress arises as companies and services evolve in many ways.
Verifications include federal identification and biometrics. The best virus is designed to protect user passwords
He has managed companies from agriculture to digital data to biometrics.

Some users are gradually switching to mobile biometrics
Sensors such as Apple Touch ID, Face ID, and Android fingerprint sensors
Hello Windows. A new member of this group is WhatsApp.
Use the latest fingerprint authentication option
Android beta.

In fact, there is no limit to what we can do to protect our data.
You will definitely encounter other security applications in the biometric field.
Increase security in the app. We can already see it inside
Bank applications and passwords tell managers, and this is the next step
Jack Moore is an asset online security expert.

More happy with face recognition
Model. Although their profits are infinite, companies should also consider them
Risks from the use of oral methods
Tamara said legal action should be taken.
Quinn is a partner in the Osborne Clark law firm.

GDPR imposes strict rules on biometric usage. Company
You must show an authorized personal approval
These people have complete knowledge, not coercion or compulsion
If provided

He must ensure that his system does not break the law.
He enters into a contract with the company
Exporters promise to rely on this system
He added that legal protection exists.


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