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Shadow Galgate Wood Group is restoring ego accessories

Updated July 17, 2019

The shadow of Shivaite Gate comes at a time when cyber crime has become increasingly quiet, bringing a global campaign to pose a
SEON rescue programs catching greenflash ice cream, participate in javelin
raw iron.

Shadow Gate, also known as Voice JS, points towards Asia, particularly Korea.
Keep your job for two years. For these reasons, soon, world news
The attack is a bit shocking. Malware Bytes Trend Micro Researchers at Home Have Reported on Several Campaigns
Post a blog this week.

Written by researcher Trend Micro and published on the Internet, it is the most frequently seen in the group since 2016.
Written by Joseph Oz Chen

Based on data collected by Trend Micro’s Global Network, new
June 4th started on the 7th and has been growing since June 21st.
The largest attack in Japan since June 24 was 54.36
First place to Italy (26.68%), Germany (4.54%)
United States (4%)

This battle is similar to the previous Shadow Gate project
Players attack the audience by attacking the vaccine
On popular advertising sites. rare
Jerome Segura, security data manager, SC Media provider
In this case, the website owner is the owner of a private advertising server, c.
Use external marketing platforms.

It depends on the blog and the malwarebyte
One of the video-related sites is called
The conversion center receives a maximum of 200 million visitors per month.

The ideas come from the finger speed method.
Some of these visits will eliminate violence
EC Greenflash Sundown offers free foil leaves
This program was developed using Adobe Flash Player Exploit installation
Made by PowerShell

Using PowerShell is a new version of Greenflash Sundown
In particular, it is still actively growing
ShadowGates includes a limited attack. The worker is saved
The process of obtaining fingerprints by compiling the above information
Effective environment, including operating system information, username, graphics card
Hard information and installed antivirus products.

Using PowerShell is interesting because it allows some people to work
Before the test, before you decide whether to leave or not. for example
In this case, it will check if the middle is a point machine.
Sequra writes. Very good things are achieved when the environment accepts it
Heavy loads from SEON. If not, but the server
A blank answer is returned and a limited visit to the site saves trust.

SEON executives use team advice to make clear copies
Black complicates the victim’s attack.
According to Malwarebytes. So the situation is even worse, GreenFlash
Sundown EC will also lose pounds and pounds during the battle
Know the best way to get your files!
Segura explains the blog.

ShadowGate briefly observed the use of encryption distributor Greenflash Sundown in April 2018, but it was a limited campaign
Trend Micro announced that it is limited to suppliers in East Asian countries.


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