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ShadowGate Advertising Group – Distribution of SEON’s Payment Program

darknet ShadowGate Advertising Group - Distribution of SEON's Payment Program
Darknet ShadowGate Advertising Group - Distribution of SEON's Payment Program

Created on June 17, 2019

Cybercrime images have long been in focus for the use and dissemination of improved global news.
Green Flash fans in the west use handshake through SEON, users and pony lovers.

The body of the defensive wing, called JS Point, is known for its Asian attacks, especially in South Korea.
This will reduce its production in two years. The result is a new and new world
Wars of catastrophe are before us. Researchers MalwareBet and Trend Micro report this
Return to your blog this week.

This is an important thing that I have seen since 2016 through micro-research and writing articles with this company.
Keep eating.

Trend new based on micro data
The activities start from 7th June. Since June 21, it has grown exponentially.
June 24 was the biggest attack. It happened in Japan at 54.36
Italy (2 Italy, 6.68%), Germany (4.5 and 4.54%)
A. (Four percent).

In this regard, the campaign is similar to previous shadow works
The player injected the client’s ad for him
Display dangerous ads on popular websites. Malware
Intelligence threat director Jerome Segura said SC was a media customer
In this case, the website owner installed a standalone server, for example
Resist external use of advertising platforms.

Malwarebytes based on notes on the blog
The related website is a video called online
It is a translation site that attracts around 200 million visitors per month.

Set it up properly with a digital tracking counter
Department status for some visitors
The Greenflash Sundown group then starts the infection without a chance
Use Adobe Flash Player Exploit to send encryption
Payments from PowerShell.

PowerShell is a new product from Greenflash Sundown.
It can still be updated
Shadow Gates’ attack is limited. Help on Instagram.
The process of using fingerprint data
Information about the operating system, user name, graphics card and damaged environment.
Hard disk products and anti-virus programs

Using PowerShell is interesting because you can do something with it.
Please check this in advance before deciding to charge. For example in
This ensures that the environment is not a virtual machine.
Sikura’s composition will do a lot of work if the environment is acceptable.
If no server is available, the costs are displayed in the SEON solution
If you record visitors to this website, you will receive fewer responses.

SEON Ransomware uses image scripts to distribute copies of the damage.
It is difficult to return the attack.
According to MalwareBites, Greenflash has made the situation worse.
At sunset I will release horses and coins to fight the prey
When determining the best way to extract a document
Segora explains about the blog post

Shadow Gate recently used Greenflash Sundown to introduce cryptocurrency. In April 2018, however, advertising was limited
According to Trend Micro, servers are only limited to East Asian countries.


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