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ShadowGate malware returns to distributed SEON ransomware

darknet ShadowGate malware returns to distributed SEON ransomware
Darknet ShadowGate malware returns to distributed SEON ransomware

Updated July 17, 2019

Shadowcate’s cybercrime is almost extinct and marries the business world.
Greenflash systems for Sundown OS, SEON Ransomware, Cryptominer and Pony

ShadowGate is also known as WordJS and is popular in Asia and South Korea,
It has been in business for almost two years. For these purposes, the tasks associated with the new world become increasingly
The attack was spectacular. Researchers at Malwarebytes and Trend Micro announce their efforts
Read this week’s blog.

These are the most important work we have seen on this forum since 2016, writes an internet researcher
By Joseph Chen.

Based on data from Trend Micros around the world
The event began on June 7 and has grown since June 21.
Japan attacked the army on June 24 at 54.36 p.m.
Followed by Italy (26.68%), Germany (4.54%) and
In the United States (four percent).

The competition is the same as the previous Shadowgate event
The protagonist destroyed the web server in a hack attack and allowed it.
Get bad signatures on popular sites. Malicious software
SC media staff was instructed by the CEO Jerome Sequeira
In this case, the web developer will upgrade the ad server,
In addition to external use.

This blog is called Malwarebytes
One of the links on the site is the online online video, video
The converted site receives 200 million monthly visitors.

This is the result of the immune response
Counterfeit money paves the way for some of these visitors
Greenflash Sundown EC. The queue makes the nuisance relentless.
How to enter your password using Adobe Flash Player
Payment by PowerShell.

The use of PowerShell is a new addition to Greenflash Sundown
It seems to be improving
ShadowGates extends the gameplay. Truck and loads
Using data collection
Offer an environment, including operating system documentation, credit card names, and video cards
Install the files in your hard drive and antivirus.

PowerShell updates are exciting because you can use many features
Before you decide if you should lose your salary, check. For example, inside
In this case, the environment should know that it is not a virtual machine,
Be Safe. If the environment is good, send a lot
Functions found in SEON recovery. But without a donor
Returning is worthless without visiting the area.

SEON Ransomware uses scripts to remove shadows,
To make the victims of the attack difficult,
According to Malwarebytes. To make matters worse, GreenFlash
Sundown EC also lost its horse and mortar when the owner became involved
The court will have to understand your case,
Description of Segura’s blog post.

ShadowGate announced that it would use the Greenflash Sundown platform in April 2018, but the announcement was banned.
Micro features are only available to beginners in East Asia


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