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Silk Road Supply Manufacturers Make $ 19 Million Drugs

darknet Silk Road Supply Manufacturers Make $ 19 Million Drugs
Darknet Silk Road Supply Manufacturers Make $ 19 Million Drugs

Silk Road, black brown thread on the market, everything that buyers can sell and sell can be real, illegal passports.
In 2013, drugs, weapons, hacker programs and dangerous chemicals were seized. And this is not the end of the story.

About six years later, a man was arrested in Ohio for trying to pay more than $ 20 million in Bitcoin.
By selling drugs on Silk Road. Authorities said Hugh Brian Med of Ohio, Colombia, was involved
Increasing drug trafficking on Silk Road between 2001 and 2012
Ross, who has been running sales under President Robert for 23 years, later said he wanted to be free.
A market where consumers can buy and sell as they wish without limitation.

The use of Bitcoin in the Silk Road market has attracted more than two hundred million sales, giving consumers a chance to stay.
They are not currently known and are not open.

In the summer of 2011 Silk Road began to develop an Internet connection and it was time to be accepted
An article in Gucker’s magazine looked at him and asked him to get a card from the court.
I am DEA.

Silki Road was closed in October 201. Gul was convicted in 2015.
It is estimated that thousands of drug dealers use Silk Road to sell drugs and other illegal drugs.
Bitcoin is used by 100,000 customers and billions of dollars.

After the Silk Road closed, the Fed bought some BTC and sold .4 48.48 million. officials
Brian Honey Pig is one of the users of Silk Road.

That Browns Honey Silk Road reportedly uses a method of selling drugs to people around the world. He was later charged with
Bitcoin is enjoyed by 19 million Burmese in the UK. Southern District Attorney
Novi Jrvk. The arrests are a warning to all drug dealers who sell drugs on the Dark Web
He is always anonymous, especially when he tries to legalize his illegal entry.

Hugh Bernie is accused of using a road called Hang Farmville.

Government officials say Brian Honey traded one million BTC from November 2011 to February 2012.
Ketamine is associated with illegal drugs such as OxyCop and Fentanyl.

Hani moved illegal cryptocurrency revenue to $ 19.15 million from that anonymous Bitcoin transaction
He switched to Bitcoin in February 2018, investing it in a personal bank account.

Hani said on the stock exchange that he gained bitcoins by selling his cryptocurrencies.
According to federal officials, the money was withdrawn from Hines bank account.

He was accused of illegal use, concealed burning money and making money.
Get money The maximum penalty for these two people is 20 and 10 years.
Ministry of Justice
A preliminary investigation into the Brian Mainz case was held on July 30 in Columbus, Ohio.

A report was filed in the district court in Manthattan on November 6, 2016,
an Darknet market alcohol game run on Silk Road.

Judge Hani Rakov is due to sit on December 12, 2020.

The full USAO report can be found here


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