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Simple PGP tutorial for Nobis Gpg4usb

On July 18, 2019

PP4 SP of the current PGP router. Gpg4usb is a PGP tool that can be downloaded from USB sticks
Works on Windows and GNU / Linux and OSX supported configurations. It usually has a user-friendly interface, graphics and strong
It is used in many dishes and in open sauces. It uses GnuPG as a background, PNP method. It works
The Linux system used on the computer is Mint, but the UIN / Linux brightness and Windows version are the same.

Note that not all PPG versions are created simultaneously. Some PPG programs use the secure version of PPG.
This will affect the desired messages. Many versions of PGP4, Cloptera and GPP used in NPP. Hn
This means that they will be updated with the Kunupiji version or comply with existing PPG standards. This is dangerous
For example, Kilobatra does not create objects. Both groups are important because they can be adjusted to minimize structural
It is also important to note that online PGP methods such as Golder should not be used. You have no keys, so you can’t have a
Either way, the messages will distract you or distract you from your eyes.

Why is gpg4usb used more than other PPG methods?

1. gpg4usb generates at least RSA keys with MasterCard. Use the keyboard shortcuts to enter other keys
Remote sublinking Remove sublinkers. Having a subgroup is very important as they can come back with them if they change
Design the keys create a new wheat defense.
2. As mentioned, gpg4usb Switch-platform If you want to switch from Windows to GNU / Linux, you can stay
Common keys are ways of working together. Using OS X is the main reason you use it
Gpg4usb in some applications.
3. Portable gpg4usb. This means you can get the keys anywhere in the PGP program without having to
Transfer the keys to another application. Writing on a USB stick is a good idea, but only if it is.
4. gpg4usb is the most popular tool in the latest PGP. The user interface is listed in a simple section
Methods and solutions are clearly defined.
5. You can interpret the letters in Graph4usb with a number of keys. This means that many can get used to it
Message You can specify your key. No one writes a closed message, many keys can see it
Made for a man without him. From now on, it is best to cheat DNM
Your jacket.

Part 1 Install the software

Gpg4usb is a mobile application never installed. The group file will download the zip
Storage: Copy to USB drive. See Gpg4usb clicknite to save click the Start button

Note: Gpg4usb does not work on GNU / Linux distributed via USB drives such as FAT. If you are using only GNU / Linux
The Ext4 operating system is better, if not better, than NTFS.

gpg4usb [Open the zip file after downloading
You can write this to your election leader. You should see the folder gpg4win:
All the required documents in this folder. Copy this folder to a USB drive, open the screen and so on
Next picture.

[It’s easy, isn’t it? If so, check the FAVORITE file
You need
Learn more about gpg4usb. You have to open everything
Click start_windows.exe instead of Windows or
Start_linux_xxbit, where xx is the CCU installation. Peru:
For most users, this is eighty-five options.

Part 2 Assign a button

This is work that needs to be done first. You cannot receive control messages without your password. Bring it on
Based on the previous gpg4usb u, the charming wizard helps. Here are some steps you can take to begin the preparation process for

gpg4usb [Submit your mouth here. He is asking you now
To download a new key, GNUPG or some gng4usb download / key. Search in English
When creating a new key, click the Create New Key button. You should see a window with the name you created
Fill in the relevant information, fill out the email. A copy of the message if you do not want to use it, and select if it has
Resize the keys and create a valid password. Up to 2030 An error of 2048 bits is good, but it is recommended to use 4096 bits
To learn more about how key size affects your security, read the GNUPG page.

If you fill in correctly, your window will appear below.

gpg4usb [You can now click OK and your key will remain
Products. This may take some time depending on what you are doing on your computer. Some movies, some ISO GNU / Linux,
Write the article you wanted to do last week. If all goes well, a window will appear with your page

gpg4usb [You can now close the wizard and select if you have it
Want help online when you run the wizard or show the wizard again? You will be redirected to the main window with gpg4usb and
When you download Gpg4usbs, your error will appear on the right.

gpg4usb [3 Find your key

You receive messages asking you to store your address information somewhere
This is compatible with gpg4usb if you do not need a storage file
The first.

To download Gpg4usb, press the Power button. Set the theme for Windows windows. Look at the corner next to it
Enter the name of the tower and select the button in the upper corner. You can hold an open cup to reach people
You can send messages. If you want to reset your watch, you can add the volume key and save space.

gpg4usb below

Somewhere it is better to keep security a secret
Computer Error Even if there are requirements, it happens and you will not
This is a change, not knowing the important message
Mom sent you.

Right-click the button in the main window, and then click View.

gpg4usb [main history here
Take and
Send button Click on private export button
And this reminds me that it is not deep
So divided. Select the location you want to save and select the file. a. such a
You need to save it on a microSD card and hide it somewhere. you
You do not want anyone but the secret key.

Again, it is important that the file is protected elsewhere.

Part 5 imports the public key

gpg4win Exporting your public key is not easy. Highlight all public keys, including BEGIN PGP
Public key, block key and copy PGP public key. In the main window of gpg4usb, manage Import above
Good. You will see a window with basic import information.

[You will see that there is a window and an open key

Part 6 Import of private keys

It is very easy to put the key in public. Click Enter in the GPG4 USB window, then click File. Take your place
Hold: unlock private key. A confirmation window should appear. Click OK to see
Always go to gpg4vin.

gpg4usb [7 messages taken

Downloading GPG4 USB messages is very easy. There is a text box in the main GPG4 USB window. Enter your Message:
Check the box to the right of the recipient click Encrypt Up. The sent message is now active
Copy, paste send to user.

gpg4usb [8 version)

Again, gpg4usb makes this a lot easier. Just enter the message you receive in your inbox and click Unblock
On. Enter the password and password for the encryption.

gpg4usb [Absolutely 9

If you have gone through the previous steps and understood each
Your great secret way in the world wants to attack you. PGP
It may seem difficult at first, but once you learn it, you will laugh
You think it is difficult. Even if you are not thinking
It lasts or takes a lot of time, don’t forget to take more
Sixty seconds a day can serve you for more than five years
In prison.


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