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Six people have been arrested for rape. 2.3.3.More consumers for stealing from their phones.

Updated July 1, 201

Six people from the United States and the Netherlands were arrested
2 million crowns were stolen, 2.3..3 million
Crypto currency

That hack is being carried out by the Cyber Territory in the southwestern United States.
Crime collides with Dutch police (SW RCCU)
(Politics), Europol, Eurojust and the British National Criminal Code (NCA).
According to another press release after 14 months of testing.

The A.S. Started with an article
Popular online cryptocurrency exchanges come down to shopping.
Bitcoins fall into your pocket and steal money and login information.

Five men and a woman were arrested simultaneously
Charlecombe, Lower Weston and Staverton morning
Cities in the United States, the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Rotterdam

An estimated 4,000 people have been injured in 12 countries, but there may be more.

According to the Europol press release.

> Today the United Kingdom’s Southwest Crime Distance Bureau (North American Development Center) is working with the Dutch police
(civilization) Europol
Eurostat (British Criminal Agency (NCA))
[24 million arrested after 14 million investigations
Cryptographic theft.
This morning, five men and women were arrested at their Weston Charlecombe home.
Staverto (United Kingdom) Amsterdam Rotterdam (Netherlands).
The target of theft by Bitcoin users is estimated to be at least 4,000 victims in 12 countries.
The number is constantly increasing.
The research involved replacing a known cryptocurrency online with a typewriter or restoring a typewriter.
Simulate a real victim site when you have access to a Bitcoin wallet, steal money and register for information.
It can be transferred to the European Cybercrime Center
[And cybercrime is a common goal
[(J-chat) to Europol
After the British government discovered the possibility of suspects living in the Netherlands. This means that EC3 provides
operational support.
In February 2018, J-Cat received authorization to coordinate international cooperation between several EU Member States.
In addition, a swift meeting was held at the European Center of the British and Dutch authorities
Information on the attitude and evidence of a successful arrest. There is also a coordination meeting
Prepare for the European day of action.


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