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Some people avoid jail time in Christmas after buying math and glamor on the dark internet.

Christchurch, 33, escaped from prison after ordering ecstasy and methamphetamines from a dark website
The Netherlands and the United States.

Timothy Robert Fern was sentenced to 11 months in prison by a Christchurch district court on Wednesday.

He was previously injected with methamphetamine A and two classes A of one class B ecstasy.
Sell both drugs. Numerous errors were blamed and repeated violations occurred.

They fear many other charges, including seizure of vehicles, careless driving,
In a court that was improperly closed and did not respond to a district court order.

Fan lives in Christchurch, where she has spent her final years. 2016 years ago. They were four when the four were announced. He
worked part-time for an engineering firm.
Use the wrong name and address.

Crown said the office is in charge of postal inspections at Auckland International.
Take a look at ships and export well.

From May to September 2016, this popular Skeleton campaign was held in Ferna and two others. More
Both were sentenced to first-degree prison terms.

The medicine was on a dark page and ordered the Internet privacy.

These sites allow people to access many things online. These instructions were exported.
Address and name provided to the importer. Using ice, skin to irritate
It says that it is.

Church supplies and methamphetamine are not available at the National Post Office
Transport was developing.

The drug did not produce 27 grams of methamphetamine and B. O one. 3.6 grams.

In an interview, Ferrero denied being involved in the drug trade, but said he had hired other criminals to help.
They bought drugs for sale.

He figured out the pills he needed and said he would use the rest to sell them. Message
He found drugs on his cell phone.

Judge Rachel Nafi warned Fazir not to be punished by a harsher prison sentence.

Now the judge is in jail for the bottle.

Fear of disqualification arose from July 31 to 12 months.


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