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South African electricity companies were hit by pay rises

City Energy attacked City Energy Company
On July 25, there was an attack on acquisition software that included databases, programs, and threats

As a result of the population of the South African economic center
He did not purchase electricity from City Power at the auction
Systems make them powerless. This problem can also affect urban countries
Considering DWs response, surprises can be answered

The Johannesburg City Council announced on Twitter that the party did not
He was terrified because one of his details was not bad. I’m sorry
Jackets are harmful. Please wait
We hope it will be fine by the end of Thursday.

His typical teammate, Terence Jackson, said he hadnt mentioned it yet
Hes looking for salvation, but Im sure the attack is serious
Stay healthy

It will also be interesting to see if there is a strong body
He said he corrected the figures.

It was a soft attack
A day later, the city forces released a press release saying it was weak
Unexpected flow due to limited cold air capacity.


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