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South African energy companies are hit by ransomware

The city of Johannesburg opened fire
July 25 collection of transceivers with portfolios, programs and reviews

As a result, South Africans
He can’t buy electricity without paying Power City first
The system did not give him strength. Tensions affect the strength of the city
Find the answer, DV Report [

There are no questions about deleting the city of Johannesburg on Twitter
The answer is given because they do not have the details they could ask for. .zorg
The problem arises because of the inhabitants of Zaberg. He was patient
We plan to fix everything with us by the end of Friday.

Therapeutic KSO Therouk Jason says his name is unknown
Although it is expensive, due to the complexity of the attack, it remains safe
Stay positive

It will be interesting to see what physical energy looks like
Store your data correctly.

There are often attacks
One day after the Energy Agency filed a media claim
Due to the distant and cold weather, the beauty is untouched.


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The infection has been requested by the National Aviation Services Commission

Romboware Attacks on State Computer Systems in Vigo County Indiana