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Spanish police canceled the program to raise money for Darknet

darknet Spanish police canceled the program to raise money for Darknet
Darknet Spanish police canceled the program to raise money for Darknet

July 18, 2019

Spanish police recently started laundering thousands of euros in money laundering.
It is sold domestically in Darknet. They said it was the largest of its kind
Recorded in the history of the country.

Officials say Union does its job
Tenerife, Spain. They built a very advanced network.
Euro banknotes made with the participation of 10 or 20 participants
7500 per month.

Europol investigated the case with the Spanish national police. The investigation began in 2018. After tenerife
Banks are reporting an astonishing increase in fake money on the islands. They reported it
Ten candidates were often nominated. The operation was carried out by Krtek officials, who also discovered that the files were
Distribution in Europe.

Police say they are searching the area
Activity. Four people were arrested and the euro was forged
More than $ 17,000. They also learn a lot of techniques
A printing press capable of having counterfeit banknotes
Materials. Incorrect computer replacements and recordings still occur
In the process of printing.

Specialists who analyze the printing process use advanced technology and tools to produce them.
High-quality paper money, like legal tender money. This is surprising, especially when it comes to large funding
They did the surgery. All of this contributed to their emergence for some time without legal notice
Do this.

A post-arrest report said Europol had assisted in his arrest
Funding and analysis processes
Technical support from the beginning. They also set up a cell phone studio
Where can I find all the suspects.

The European representative said it was part of the case
From the need to deal with the euro fund, if necessary
European Central Office. The other characters they play
Includes information sharing and important lists
Experts, doctors and forensic doctors. They also made money
Provide scientific support to any police organization
Without the European Union.

This represents a false figure, among other things
Austrian police released free press
The store was in Leoben last June. The police report
The store has a lot of misinformation
Sell them in a dark canvas of 10,000 characters
On sale to all European customers.

The European crisis intensified in September of last year
Gdansk Media arrested by Polish police
He thought the person had shot 50 dead
From the company that generates the sales report
Networks across the EU
He had been well known for a few years.

As a result, more than 300 entries were recorded
EU countries include Cyprus, Croatia, Finland and the Netherlands
Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom, 235
Detainees were arrested in November and December. The police are leaving
, 500 1,500, Multi-locations, Computers and accessories, Equipment,
bitcoin is a virtual machine.

Will Van Gemert will send a message
You must treat yourself differently from the help you give to others
Error in the dark network.

Spanish police are monitoring the situation
EU Guidelines for Duplicate Post Analysis
After the law

The European Central Bank is proposing that it be published
To prove it, you have to feel, look and refresh
The law firm says the law firm is stable and transparent
Some areas of the original text are better than others. Original text:
Avoid lighting, the paper packaging should be marked
Photo of security mail and security mail. At face value.
Money and many times in Europe
The blue number indicates the brightness of the sound effects.

Officials are asking members to report any errors in their records.


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