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Spanish police denied dark money to make money

darknet Spanish police denied dark money to make money
Darknet Spanish police denied dark money to make money

Updated July 18, 2019

Spanish police brought counterfeit money on the basis of thousands of recently paid dollars
In this case, it is sold on a black carpet. And he said it was the worst job ever
It is written in the history of the country.

According to officials, the security guards have completed their internal affairs
Tenerife Island, Spain. They have a taste for victory
Euro banknote for ten or twenty people for the whole event
7500 per month.

Europol is investigating the case with the Spanish National Police. The search began in 2018 after Tenerife
Banks show the existence of cash in the world. They announced themselves
Section 10 has several scenarios. The activist movement finds a workshop in this
He traveled to Europe.

Police are looking for what they think is their main home
Do it. Four people have been arrested and charged with improper conduct
, 000 17 000 off. They think it’s a science
Photo credit and cash register and false account information
Tools. The messages were covered with fake information
From a printed book.

Critics say the printing and analytical techniques will bring technologies and equipment.
Notes are as high as credit cards. This is amazing, but it has great benefits
They started working. These things have been done for some time

Europol said in a statement after the arrest that it had helped to secure it
Leave company, give, give and support
Support from the beginning. They also do research
From there, they can take care of anyone.

A European translator said he was part of the case
It is their responsibility to fight the euro if necessary
Fifth European Team. Another important work he did
Distribution and submission of important information
Shop unique, fair and watch it. They make money
Scientific assistance is provided in any regulatory framework
Except for the EU.

This case is all about fake money
Introduction to the EU. Australian police have just published a scam
Bought Lebanon last June. Conducted by the police
The shopkeeper lied once
Save 10,000 tickets for online shopping
It is sold to Europeans.

In September, Europol declared it illegal
Polish police assign them to Polish police
50. He seems to report bad laws
The center reported that the shopkeeper sold the books
Dark display for all Union States. Had surgery with him
He has a good reputation in them for many years.

This has led to an increase which includes properties over 300 over a decade
The group’s countries include Cyprus, Croatia, Finland and the Netherlands
The result is Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom 235
The suspects were arrested between November and December. The officer was arrested
Rs 1500 cash, many medicines, computers and phones, guns,
bitcoins and typewriters.

Does Van Jemert point out that teamwork is central
The judges had everyone’s chance in the book
False information on fake page

Community members are advised to follow the Spanish police
The instruction is described in the European Union for establishing false guarantees
If you are legal

The European Central Bank is believed to be public
Click Emotions on the note to make sure you see it
Banknotes are real banknotes that are hard for us and here we are
Directly, some places are denser than others. But the right note
If the light is on, you will see white markers on the notes
Between photography and security. After taking notes
The metal cable appears next to the picture in Europe
The number of bright colors indicates the effect of light on the message.

Authorities have urged community members to pay attention if false information is revealed.


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Link above? The first one applies, but below … and is there anything else?


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