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Spanish police fired Darknet for providing counterfeit money

darknet Spanish police fired Darknet for providing counterfeit money
Darknet Spanish police fired Darknet for providing counterfeit money

Updated July 1, 2012

Spanish police destroy thousands of counterfeit notes
In the country, in addition to sales on black sites. They complain that this is the biggest work ever done
He entered the history of the year.

According to officials, the unions carried out their activities.
Tenerife Island, Spain. They had a very complex network
Cash calls range from 1 to $ 20
00 7500 per month

Europol is investigating the Spanish National Police. The survey began in 2011 after Tenerife
Banks protested the spread of counterfeit notes on the island. He made this known
Notes often appear in decimals. The network receives information from the operating authority on the operating system
Circulation in Europe.

Police seized his suspected property
Action. 4 people arrested and hit in the euro
The official attracted more than 17,000 people. They thought he was technical
A printing machine that can create notes and fake IDs
Material. The computer itself has been confiscated and the counterfeit bills have not yet been removed
C. The printing process.

Experts analyzing the printing process said they were the latest technology and tools for manufacturing
Money is better than equal legal money. This is great, especially when you consider the big investment.
He went into operation. All of this worked for a while without the invention of the law
I finished.

The post-arrest statement said Europol supported it
Collect and collect finance and process analysis
New technical support. They also set up a mobile office
From there, you can follow any suspect.

The European spokesman said he was working on the incident
Responsible for counterfeiting money in euros
Headquarters of the European Union. Others played an important role
Facilitates the exchange of information and important providers
Specialists, criminals and criminal cases. I took care of the product
Scientific support for legal devices
Excluding the EU.

In this example, there is a fake currency
Production in the EU. Australian police refused to print fake papers
Shop in Lioben last June. Police said
Occasionally the seller made various notes
It is being sold on a 10,000-pound Net
They were all from Europe.

Europol claimed it was illegal in September
Polish police took him to a printing press in Gdansk
He was found guilty of 50 fraudulent charges. Legal protection
According to the agency, the store owner sold the papers
Darnet for EU countries. I had surgery
It has gained popularity over the years.

As a result, more than ten registered properties were destroyed
European countries including Cyprus, Croatia, Finland and the Netherlands
Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. As a result, 235
The accused was arrested between November and December. Police have been arrested
1,500 coins, medicine, computers and mobile phones, guns,
Bitcoin machines and printing.

Did Van Gambert say in a statement that he was in the middle of the team?
The order was successfully ordered by all dealers
Wrong internet.

Spanish police have asked members of the public to flee
EU guidelines for categorizing comments

The European Central Bank recommends public use
The core of the process, the look and the bends
Legal bonds look fun and clean, the bank said
Some parts of weak skin look bigger than others. When you take flux into your account
When hanging on the light, you should see a watermark in experiments
The safety and security center in the picture. If the margin is reduced to a
Next to the European figure came a group of agents
The emerald green color indicates the effect of light on the tone.

Public authorities have called on members of the public to exercise caution after making false comments about the campaign.


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