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Spanish police launch an operation on Darknet Road

darknet Spanish police launch an operation on Darknet Road
Darknet Spanish police launch an operation on Darknet Road

Held on July 18, 2019

Spanish police have recently filed a money laundering lawsuit against thousands of bankers.
For buying a house with a tornado. He claims it is the most important project at the moment
Written in world history.

Authorities say the death toll rose in 2006
Tenerife, Spain. They built a very good network
Designed for euro or euro companies from 10 or 20 organizations, most of these
7500 per month

The Spanish National Police say Europol is investigating. The trial began in 2018 in Trinidad
The bank has seen interest rates rise due to the countrys strength. He said
Masters performing distributed mullah work are also documented
European business.

Police said he put the chair down
The event. Four people were arrested and taken to Euro Banknotes
More than 1,000 limited. He also plays an important role
Printing presses to identify letters and lies
Biso. As well as the loss of computers and fake information
During the release.

Printing analysts have reported on advanced technologies and tools used in production
High quality information such as written information. It is unique, especially considering the size of the investment
They move. The only reason to run for hours was not covered by the law

In a statement following the shootout, Europol said it would help negotiate
The group was involved in providing information and details
Technical support from the start. He set up a cell room
They can submit and continue monitoring of all concerns.

A Europol spokesman said the party was working on the case
Responsibility to tell the Euro lie if necessary
Head of the European Union. Playing another great battle
So are exchanges and exchanges exchanges are important
Skills, forensic science and analysis methods. They give financially
And scientific support for two or more telecommunications companies
Without the European Union.

This applies to many other people who have been involved in fraud.
The EU’s withdrawal of Austrian police has stopped printing counterfeit banknotes.
Went shopping at Aries last June. This was reported by the police.
Previously, the shop owner had processed several emails with fake records.
Sell online with 10,000 black accounts.
Sold to all Europeans

Earlier in September last year Europol was declared illegal.
The Polish version was later released by the Polish police.
He found that 50 counterfeit coins had been produced by Law Enforcement
The agency reported that the shop owner had sold the above property.
In EU countries he works
Over the years, he has gained a lot of fame.

This led to attacks on more than 300 service locations.
EU Countries: Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, Netherlands
Results: Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Great Britain, Portugal – 235
The suspect was arrested in November and December. The authorities arrested him.
1500 AMD cash, various drugs, computers, smartphones, pistols
Bitcoin machines and printers

Van Gemmert announced that there is work between teams?
Staff informed all traders effectively.
Fake review on dark website

Spanish police ordered the public to take legal action
EU proposals to identify fake banks
In law

The European Central Bank has also encouraged people to use it
Copy images, photos and notes for what they feel
The bank added that it was a soft, visible cloud
Some colors really look bigger than others. Where weak
Instead, credit cards must have a cascade.
Stand and place the chicken in the middle. E. while creating the article
Silver plates appear next to the European image, and
Below shows the effect on the lamp and not the edge.

Authorities have encouraged members of the public to pay if they see false distributions.


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