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Spanish-Spanish police reject the move as a false pretense of Darknet

darknet Spanish-Spanish police reject the move as a false pretense of Darknet
Darknet Spanish-Spanish police reject the move as a false pretense of Darknet

Created on July 18, 2019

Spanish police have devised a scheme for a price of 1,000 euros.
I’m lost in Japan. They point out that this is the most important mission.
It is written in the history of this country.

Officials with news announcing their actions
Tenerife, Spain He works for a large law firm.
Made from 10 euros or 20 euros and increased a lot
7,500 per month

Europol has a contract with a group of Spanish sponsors. The police started in 2018 after Tenerife
The financial market has seen an increase in counterfeit money in the country.
Top 10 news movies. Officials found the processed products.
Foreigners in Europe

Police confiscated peoples property at its headquarters
work Four people were arrested and decorated with euro banknotes
In total, more than 17,000 has been confiscated. They also consider it very technical.
A printer that can produce specific paper and documents.
product. Computers and fake documents were also confiscated
throughout the printing process.

Experts analyzing the printing process say improved technology and equipment have led to production.
High quality cards are the same as official documents. It was a surprise, especially when it came to big investments.
working all this has affected their work for a long time without complying with the law

Europol said in a statement after the arrests that it was cooperating
destroy the team by funding the process and re-examining it
Technical support from scratch. They also conducted portable research
where they can finally find suspects.

A Europol spokesman said he saw the case as part of himself.
If necessary, its responsibility to fight the euro.
EU Headquarters Other roles they have played
including the facilitation of the exchange of important information and delivery
Specialists, juvenile delinquency and criminal investigation. They also provided funds
and scientific support from all internal and external law enforcement agencies.
Outside the European Union.

The case is one of many cases involved.
Made in the EU. Austrian police violated false remarks
Shopping in Ljubljana in June last year. This is reported by the police
Shop owners have created many names for false information
Put it on the dark web for a total of 10,000 rupees
Sell to people all over Europe.

At the beginning of September last year, Europol declared it illegal
Polish police opened a printing press in Gdask shortly after arrival
He noted that 50 counterfeit notes had been made. Law enforcement
The group said the store owner was selling notes from above
Darknet for countries across the EU. He appealed
He has been known for many years.

The result was the attack of more than 300 objects and 10 subjects
EU countries, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands,
Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the USA. 235 get rid of
The suspect was arrested from November to December. Officers were arrested
1500 cash, some drugs, computers and smartphones, weapons,
Bitcoins in printers.

“Teamwork is average,” Will van Gemert said in a statement
Management can help keep all traders there
Bad notes on a dark site.

Spanish police ordered the crowd to investigate the situation
The EU is experimenting with opening locked documents
Application, invitation.

The European Internet Bank has approved the use of human resources
How to find, search, and search for records that confirm their existence
Application, invitation. In addition, the dolls say that the content is clean and tidy
Some specific keywords are just as important as others. At the time of writing
When we looked at her and turned on her, we saw water spills in the mail
Draw with a strip near the middle. Comparison of history, a
A silver monument behind the European image, f
The paddle number shows the message.

The government has asked the public to say if there are false documents.


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