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Telegram accused the DDO of protesting China

Updated July 1, 2012

Representative of China on telecommunications
Joint Review (DDoS) after yesterdays report
The service ended at a show in Hong Kong.

You are now at great risk of DDoS, said Telegraph users
Some customers in the United States and other countries may face problems
The problem lies in the integration of the transfer carrier feature on Twitter
June 12, 8:20 p.m., an hour later, :: 1: 1:15
The television said in a statement on its Twitter account that it was important
It only takes a minute.

When Twitter users asked if the Telegraph could find DDoS traffic, Telegraph chief Pavel Durov replied:
[Via Twitter account via IP address via your account
This is common in China.

The Chinese National Party in Hong Kong is a genius.
Another knee after applying the rules of March
Deportation of criminals in Hong Kong
Congo in mainland China and elsewhere. EU citizens
The city understood the law as a tool used by the Chinese government
Field operations.

Advertisers are known for comparing services like Telegram
However, their actions are not official
A bad DDoS attack prevents access to these devices.

In addition, the total DDoS (200-40000 Gb / s) depends on the size of the national actor we work with and the number of actors.
(Activated in the telegram). This is not uncommon, Durov said.

Telegram producer Pavel Durov: Paul Biskoff says Chinese government should not deal with blocking telegrams
Attorney in a statement sent by email. This is not the first time China has attacked Du Malik
He added that experts at the time of the 2011 attack on GitHub said there were DDoS attackers.
Links to articles and articles published in China.

Users of the Bischoff telegram will not be able to use this service
Try using a VPN connected abroad
Your connection has been established to a server not lower than the telephone network
Some VPNs allow you to use a continental telegram
China is still censored.

This attack is censored by the state using cybernetic weapons
“Block Internet access,” he said.
Warwick Business School. This is not unique
Attacks on internet service providers and internet service providers
Service provider. Phone numbers are protected and secure
Non-compliance with business standards and road conditions.

You need new technology to stop these attacks
Security of network traffic cannot be guaranteed
The Chinese government controls and can use this network
now Always use a telephone connection
So. But I doubt they will be a bull.
Skilton tests strength, helps and advises
Cyber security. But we don’t know if it’s serious or not
Internet access is the result of this network.
The mobile phone guide can be used for simple tasks that users can do directly
For help. This can be a great incentive to increase the effectiveness of social media.
A service that acts as a strike group with specific goals.


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