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The 30-year-old boy was sentenced to life imprisonment for creating pornographic images with separate children.

A California man was previously sentenced to 30 years in prison
Interested officials said.

Travis Alkenin, 35, of Burbank, has produced an exciting story with at least five children, most of whom are between 8 and 9 years
From August 2016 to November 2018, the Attorney General’s Office released a statement in Central California County. for him
The government has identified 8 people involved in alcohol.

American lawyer Turney used this guy to make his movie iPhone 8.

Alconin misuses the positions of the abused children and the abused children.
According to media reports, some families, including caregivers and friends, encouraged her to work.
the document.

Elconon wrote that people posted on the Web to appoint him as a partner, and that he had priority in keeping him safe.
The children are treated.

Officials said sources said: I know parents need to know that your child is safe if your child is in the area.
That is my biggest priority.

Erkonin has worked with several families. He was arrested in January and admitted to making a porn video with four children.
Officials said. In March, he admitted child pornography.

During a California investigation, German police contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Erkonin talked about child molesters and took unpleasant pictures of countries suspected of domestic violence against domestic

German police say Elkonin has exchanged more than 10,000 messages in the last two years through a dark web and an encrypted chat.
On the FBI program, which was investigating the case Tuesday, it did not send a request for comment from NBC News.

Judge Elkonin was jailed on Monday and released after his death.
He is punished, said an American lawyer

Jonathan Lynn’s lawyer said in a statement that Travis Elkin is responsible for his actions. He confesses his mistake.
Sorry for the casualties. He realized he had a problem and wanted to serve.
His decision


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