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The accused leader of the Denver Baze Theft Group was sentenced to 24 years in prison

The 38-year-old was sentenced to 26 years in prison on Monday (Monday) and was also sentenced to life in prison for road theft.

In August, Jefferson County Judge Michael Mancuso charged 40 counts, including conspiracy in Colorado.
Attorney General, in accordance with the Control Influence Act.

According to the report, seven people were charged and found guilty of the crime. Prosecutors say it’s like Mancuso
Head of criminal business.

Legal ban on money and personal information, including name, address, credit card number, security
Records and opening dates. Using trocoins found on AAT machines, the team descends on a dirt road to try to follow
Information on VISA documents for victims in the subway. They bought goods and services on the Visa card
Information and marketing materials in art galleries and galleries.

Mancos arrested eight sex offenders. In April 2018, he was killed by the Golden Police when he tried to steal a bicycle.
At a local shop.

Prosecutors said Manzuso and his team discussed the fraud with 35 people. business woman
They purchase bicycles, jewelry, clothes, cars and musical instruments with credit card information. They go
The government lawyer said the plaintiff was then sold in the store. In this system fraudulent transactions and over 38,000 000
valued at $ 20,000.
In an effort to use financial information.

The owner of an armored bicycle shop in the Golden City assisted the Manchu police last year. Admit that he heard this picture
from others
The shop buyer, who was an employee of the Golden Bike Store, told Mansouz that he destroyed the bicycle he ordered before calling
the police.
When Manzuso returned, he met outside the store.

Jefferson, Boulder and Clear Creek were his favorites when he was released on parole.


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