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The Akron Ohio couple are making millions of fentanyl for sale in a state prison

darknet The Akron Ohio couple are making millions of fentanyl for sale in a state prison
Darknet The Akron Ohio couple are making millions of fentanyl for sale in a state prison

The couple principal was charged Thursday.
Fentanyl and carpentanil are sold in northeast Ohio, China.

Donte Gibson, 41. was sentenced to 25 years in prison. His wife, 36-year-old Audrey Gibson, was sentenced to 10, 10 months in
Prison. Please help us. In the video, Judge Patricia Google pleaded guilty to the couple.

The two were arrested in 2018. February. Federal agents have been investigating the couple since 2016. And she found out that
Donte Gibson is something
Drug addicts have been addicted to drugs since the early 2000s. The couple say they are guilty of theft and money
Expensive cash is used for their valuable perfume bank.

The couple and the people they worked with were kept away from their homes and warehouses and collected money, including money.
The US says it will create more contracting companies, including cars, jewelery and handbags. So said the prosecutor’s office.

One way to do this is to start your own established business. One of them is Audrey Gibson.
Made under the name Pound Cake Entertainment. They have a website that sells clothes, and one of them has shiny photos
Prosecutors say the site gave him access to a secret Snapchat account, which shows his interest.
According to the court ruling, this day is amazing

Audrey Gibson opened the Sax Fifth Avenue Home Improvement Map and cashed for $ 208,504 in April.
According to a law passed in December last year, from 2016. July. The stores sell goods for $ 686,000.
February includes Burberry, Chanel and Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent shoes.
Lawyers say

In addition to Gibson, seven other attorneys, in addition to Dont Gibson’s daughter Dontisha Gibson and Audrey Gibson’s mother
He will admit that some are in prison and others in advance.

Defendant admitted that he did not spend more than $ 250,000 on the property during the trial.

Prosecutors say the couple bought synthetic opiates online and sent them to Akron and the canton.
They asked for a mailbox open across northeastern Ohio.

The crew took the package and brought it to Donte Gibson, who then cut the medicine with a healthy supplement.
Dust. Then he delivered Donti Gibson and other medicines, which were sold to Akron and Lora.

In January, Angel Castillo, a Beach Tree employee on Pension Avenue, arrived in January to ask for help and follow Audrey Gibson’s
Cash payment so that the tax authorities do not suspect the purchase.

The strength of synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl and carfentanil, contributes to the emergence of a national opioid epidemic.

At the time, agents tried Dante and Audrey Gibson on a large scale at the age of six when a thief fell on the fentanyl.
Below, we left the couple on Popham Street, according to court records. He never complained
According to court records, witnesses and laboratory tests failed to test the child’s opioids.


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