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The alliance is part of the Nigerian partnership

According to federal law, 82 police officers have been charged with 252 charges against 80 Nigerians
With the latest fraud, e-commerce capability and online policy, it has grown to reduce openings by at least $ 46 billion.

Specific prosecution cases were rejected by the district attorney
Shortly after his October 2018 arrest in California
14 defendants on November 11 in the Los Angeles area,
It is a place of deception. The other two are provided
Police rebellion and arrest of another prisoner
Earlier this week. It is believed that 60 other people are still there
Many are Nigerian citizens.

According to a statement from the Justice Ministry, Valentin Iro, a 31-year-old Nigerian, was the most prominent defender.
Carson, California. In Gardana, 38 years old, Chakwudi Christogunus Igbokwe. It is alleged that two people were arrested
Ordinan finances management from operations leading to the Global Chapter Bleaching Network;
With the help of the ass that created a bank account, money laundering is not deceptive.

The charges were not initiated on October 7, 2014
DOJ announces May 2, 2018. All defendants have been contacted
He was charged with conspiracy and fraud
The group faces identity theft in an increasingly aggressive segment
Fraud and money laundering.

Ecological and Ikokwe prices
Job exchange with Jerry Iagon (50) from Carson, California.
Eddock Musa Okongbee, 34, Fontana, California; Kingsley Island
Omji, 30 years old, Los Angeles; Tithyaye Marina Manspangura, 33,.
Palmetall, CA; And Abi Mtuku, 31, from Nigeria and later Euro, Ikokwe
Sox Arrow, 39, from California, is also charged.
Try to destroy the evidence.

Government prisoners include Ikoko, Ogungebe and Mansbangur
Despite his arrest, 26 lawsuits have been filed
Limit the link

According to the Ministry of Justice, the victims were involved in the project
Adults in all disciplines, including law
Go to work

This is part of our ongoing effort to protect the Americans
Deception and police fraud occur through fraud
WE. Law firms, United States. Residents and businesses say.
With today’s opening of the DOJ, we have taken a big step forward in criminal justice
This is a network that uses PEC programs, fake music and other theft
Killer. But solve this understood message
We sweep criminals wherever they live
Bad benefits are bad.

This report highlights the important work that the crime groups have been able to do.
Paul Delacort, director of the FBI in Los Angeles, is concerned about American citizens and their wealth
Melek branch office. We lose billions of dollars every year, so we urge residents to take care of these financial hardships.
It is designed to protect you or your company from serious harm.

Preach the full ONE

> Los Angeles Federal Court Judgment 222, currently controlled by many Nigerians,
Get involved in a major fraud involving various scammers and money launderers.
Through the Los Angeles money management network.

US police arrested and arrested 14 suspects this morning
Eleven were taken to the Los Angeles area. The other defendants were arrested
Another man was arrested earlier in the week. Others are accused of being foreigners, especially Nigerians.

The petitioner claims that 80 suspects and others have used various online companies, including collusion in company emails.
(BEC) codes, romantic codes and apps designed to deceive adults for millions of dollars. Last
The founders of Nigeria, the United States and other countries contacted the contractors, while the criminal case was revealed
Valentin Carson (IRA) (1) and Christophens Ibok Gardana, 38, Nigeria, both convicted of leading the charge from Nigeria.
Citizens with banking and financial services who can get fake funds from victims. Once a member
The story promises to send money to the victims based on false demands, and Iro and Igbook coordinate to get the money.
Extensive money laundering according to harassment 145 pages.

Aero and Igbokoy, who were arrested this morning, were involved in the incident through trial and criminal proceedings.
Make at least 6 million by cheating and planning everything
He was responsible for at least 40 million thefts.

Fraud has affected victims in the United States and around the world, including individuals, small and large companies.
Prosecutors say some conspirators lost billions of dollars in fraud and many grew old.

It is a testament to our continued efforts to protect the American people from honest online claims and bring them to justice.
Attracting American citizens and businesses, U.S. Attorney Nick Hannah said. Today I took a big step towards chaos
The BEC system, Romantic Fraud and Victims of Fraud are used by other criminal organizations. We are sending a message to this
Identify the factors where they live and stop the flow of illicit profits.

This announcement highlights the criminal efforts of the criminal gang to implement Burke’s plans.
It has to do with American citizens and their wealth, says Paul Delcourt, FBC director of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Department of Labor. Millions of dollars are wasted every year and we urge citizens to be wary of modern money.
Avoid unexpected violations in your bailout programs, or your FBC must work with us.
The organization’s partners identify this network and its end.

Igbo and I were false protectors who opposed many traders. According to human crime, Euro and Isok Bank have grown
Tepe: A field study on bank account information, worldwide conspiracy information and
All the victims received money from the victims, who limited themselves to stealing the money.
Quick scams.

If you need a bank account with a specific company name to trade with Payro, Ero and I
According to a court document, Miles received money for opening an acceptable account. More
From creating a fake company name to a legitimate name, planners always publish fake stories.
Mention the business and the Los Angeles County Register Office is located in D.C.
Create an account

It has been said that the Arrow and Obobo employees will work together after the victim is deposited in a bank account.
Make more money. Organization members sometimes withdraw money from other bank accounts they control. in both cases
Fortunately, it’s as easy as cash or check.

If the stolen money was recovered, the lawyers illegally used merchants to send money overseas,
The prosecution says it prevents banks from borrowing. Go and get it
Terrorists coordinate the transfer of victims’ money to a failed US bank account.
for illegal exchange of money. Instead of money, the bank used the requests of Nigerian banks to transfer the money
Naira (), a Nigerian currency, in a Nigerian bank account in Nigerian bank notes
Dog and Igbokwe. This method is used to transfer millions of dollars to Nigerian investors without direct bank transfer.
money abroad. Prosecutors say Jerry Ikogho, 50, was arrested by Carlson (Sunday) and Adegoke Moza.
34-year-old Ogungbe from Fontana is one of the exchange offices.

Each of the 80 defendants represented in the park will be charged with “extinction”, “bankruptcy” and “concealment”.
There was an attack. Some defendants have been accused of fraud and financial loss.

Dog, Igbokwe, Ikogho, Ogungbe and three other accused, Izuchukwu Kingley Umejesi, 30, Los Angeles, Titia
Marina Mansbangura, 33, Palmdae and Obi Madekwe, 31, are alleged to have extorted money.
Ogungbe and Mansbangura were also arrested this morning and Umejesi arrived

Iro, Igbokwe and Chuks Eroha (39) have been charged with turning off their phones while searching the FBI.
Iro is accused of robbing the FBI during an interview during an investigation. complaint
The FBI broke the phone in half when he needed permission from an Airos camera in Carlson
Igbokwe and Eroha from the living room window. Dog says the phone will hang up immediately
He named his wife and complained how many seconds the FBI discovered the phone.
The FBI knocked on Ayros’ door to investigate. Eroha would soon flee Nigeria
The FBI then issued an order.

The charges and indictments are part of the report; they are a crime and the accused.
Until the crime is proved in court.

The investigation is being conducted by the Federal Investment Agency.

Los Angeles County Law Office, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and US Department of Justice
The country provided significant assistance during the investigation.

Many agencies, including the US Postal Service, offer assistance during or during the investigation.
US immigration situation, immigration and clients, national studies and immigration
US Border Guard, Customs and Customs, Ventura County Law Firm and California Value Added Tax

As with the federal crime, many FBI agents assisted during the trial
Global problems with foreign officials from everywhere. There are plenty of FBI and U.S. Attorneys.
The National Crime Prevention and Investigation Service in Germany, Germany, for their donation.

Cyber MP in this case, President Ail J. Anil J. is presided over by Antony and Joseph B. Woodring.
Department of Internal Affairs.

The FBI released a report on the BeC program in 2017 and announced the departure of Operation Wirewire 2018, which has arrived.
The federal complaint relates to the BEC application. FBI Public Service Announcements AnnC BEard Hazard Director
Innovation requires businesses to believe, but watch.


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