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The Apollo market is dealing with scams

darknet The Apollo market is dealing with scams
Darknet The Apollo market is dealing with scams

Updated on February 2, 2020

Darknet’s second-largest market is among scams, according to several sources who confirmed the report.
HU H. We have received several reports since last week that user savings are not included in your account and are currently
seller account, which concludes that the existing user was cheated.

Established in 2018, BACKGROUND
Apollon Market is a marketplace that provides consumers of illicit drugs and fraudulent products. Here
Market, owned by a group called Spammers Market (you can read it in the news section). Enjoy the great news
I’ve visited the dark place several times but have declined to market our listings. Then they use it
Many members of the Reddit group have asked us to add them to our list, we will not do so, though we are not good for them.

Symptoms of depression appear early
About five or six days ago, we received feedback from users who did not keep their account. though
Every day we receive hundreds of comments from market leaders and competitors, many of whom have been rejected and accepted.
to control. Comments on original storage for unskilled users

> Return the Mirror Verification address to my account and confirm it 30 hours after re-entering the address.
This is different from the balance of 0 and no transaction took place. F ** k in any market. Everything became an insult.
Wall Street, Nightmare, Tocha and this f ** king Aplon

Today, every customer on your account is appreciated and customers sell their offers during the holiday season.
Get lots of money from users. The seller said

> I have a list of inactive companies.
The customer’s account is locked, the account is free.
That’s what they got.
These are foreign frauds.
Don’t buy anymore.

The other customer is called Shamanic

> Products in the catalog are not shipped from ShamanUK in the United States

communication technology
This is the third item sought, the Reddit forum is garbage and there is no fear within 15 days.
Six months ago, we learned that the product in this article belongs to the Hagbunters team
. Fear will ruin. No coincidence
The market is interrupted and therefore product owners are exposed to fraud. You cannot report fraud earlier
Expected resources

Do people think they have lunch? We don’t think so. Ok, today we published a list of these products,
We have fully reviewed / revised our requirements and will continue to do so. Expenses and published data are useful
Say we will say that we are right again in the future.

As you all know, we are the editor of the first bulletin about the Black site. Already reported
There are Kondesk, and new websites, as well as fraud and scams that can be fixed immediately.
Cointelegraph has published our articles. We are also the first and only person to focus on video evidence on black networks.
Mystery includes black jewelry . What are we doing
We publish and be inspired first because we know the truth and it is our responsibility to share
A user.

At this point it doesnt matter. We set up this company for 8 months and you know how it works? How much money
Do they have a market? Multiple people including group? What have you got? But this will be explained in another message
Ball. Today, we have 100% confidence in our customers and our company is well represented and ready for it.
Be careful not to cheat when you go to the market center. Here it is

1. Avaris Market (current market)
2. A 2
3. Versus Market
4. Kannahom and Monoply Market (although this is our personal service, we must support you)

The solution is clear. When we get to the Avaris Market and everyone asks to join the crash, we see the medal (again)
place also) fear. Some experts are willing to sponsor, but most new customers will find them
Enter this recipe and you will face the market again due to fraud. Offer avoids market price
Top Tab. You can enter the Bitbazaar Market market , select the race and
And end with the logic of a positive comment that you are not fooled. I was told how to separate myself from God
Due to the lie, you must now remove this trap.

As this event develops, we will update this article as soon as we receive a new report / confirmation.


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