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The Apollo market is in the middle of a scam

Updated March 2, 2020.

The second black market is one of many happy wounds.
In recent weeks, we have received a number of reports that have not added a user account to their account and were closed today.
In turn, the banks get to say they are spending their money.

Markets where BACKGROUND
Apollon Market is located in the same area as 190, offering drug and no-stress user cams.
This market is a user created brand. (You can read more about it) It’s such a great story.
Unfortunately, we often send them. But we refuse to add this brand to the list for its use
We regret that many former Reddit members have asked to be included in this program.

First, published markets
At least five of the past six days, starting with the fact that they are not in their area.
We receive hundreds of responses per day from brand managers and our partners, many of whom are solely focused and approved.
The analysis is correct because no other forms are added. One like user

> The money entered in the wallet address has been checked and verified 30 times since I registered.
In contrast, the balance is 0 and this is not a success. F ** k in all markets. None of them.
Wall Street, Nightmare, Tochka and now F ** King Apollo

Today all traders have closed their accounts. Holiday sellers also have their own professional identities
Earn as much money as possible for users. – says the seller

> My sales list is not working.
Reseller accounts are closed, user accounts are free.
So they took money.
This group is a platform to get out of the culture.
You will never buy it again.

Tell another seller, Shamanuk

> Sellers deleted accounts that did not purchase from ShamanUK in the USA.

Add with brush
Terred Reddit Forum is the third market, lost 15 times.
Six months ago from this article, we saw that this market belongs to the Hugbunters group.
] Endless fear is being deceived by the market. This is not an accident
Those who cannot report fraud when independent markets find their solutions unfair
He does not expect any compensation.

Do you think this is a coincidence? We do not think we will publish a list of markets today.
We have fully reviewed / approved and reviewed complaints, articles and current dates.
A future guide to show you again

The market is in this group.
Did you know that we are leaders in investigative journalism in the dark? They informed us.
Buy fraud and fraud at the Coindesk store with and related websites
Our article has been published. We are the first and only publisher to publish video guides on Darknet Link.
Users’ dark phishing I don’t care
who we are
We check the truth first because we know and understand our duty to share.
Our users

I can’t do this time. About 8 months ago I learned about this group and learned how it grew. how many?
They are the market How much is at home? How to wash their behavior? But it will be reflected in the future
Today’s article warns users that the next market is theirs.
When they reach market level, they leave the program. So look at them

1. E1 (biggest customer)
2. E2:
3. E3:
4. Kenoma E4 (This is another app, but I still want to share it with you)

click here:
The results are clear. A sway is seen in front of Avaris Market and everything is passed to Ayers (:).
As a bleaching company. Professional calculations and shillings are easy to identify, but new users should do it
For more information on TR, Participation: Market Research. Our advice is to avoid the business somehow
It is unclear what he will do if he leaves his position. You can add Bitbazaar Market to choose a secure network
Good advice to avoid cheating. No matter what happens to your vision, we will tell you how to prevent loss
Events protect themselves from action.

This is a growing story and we will update it as we get new stories and testimonials.


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