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The British have been in prison for more than 11 years, importing 100,000 known drugs from the Netherlands via Darknet

Cocaine and MDMA Dealer $ 100,000 at Coventry Airport
11 years.

Joe Richens, a 31-year-old man from Leamington, bought the drug in the Netherlands over the Internet from Apple for distribution.
All across the UK.

After two years of active police surveillance, he was sentenced to seven sentences for drugs.

The Warwick Crown Code is the name of the investigation, located at the Warwickshire Judicial Center at Leamington Spa.
Celsius began operations in February 2018 at Coventry Airport, including $ 100,000 worth of coconuts and MDMA. Healing, healing,
Police said they spoke to him at the Reich office.

A police spokesman in Warwickshire said: Officials learned that the Reich had discovered various medical devices.
Responsible for imports from 13 other countries.

The court established the fact that Raychens owned the company and thus paid the seller large sums of money in court.
Give him bitcoins. Use Bitcoins to buy A-medicines from the Netherlands.

According to the investigation, he received thousands of dollars in his bank account for drug trafficking.
In 2012, he was active.

What are the possibilities?
Refund Sentenced to 11.5 Years in Imprisonment for Tax Fraud
Class A drugs (MDMA and cocaine) are prescribed for MDMA at age eight, eight years.
Sentence and six years in prison for maintaining MDMA

The criminal environment involves two years of probation / concealment / conversion / exchange / confiscation.

The decision must be made in time.

The importance of smoking
Investigator Richard Brown said:
Black web icon.

We will use all available resources to investigate such violations and to prevent the use of technology to commit serious crimes.
Organized crime.

We will continue our efforts to prevent the spread of drugs in Warsaw and to ensure the justice of those concerned.

Police are now trying to ensure that the return complies with the Code of Conduct (POCA). a
The hearing is scheduled for September


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