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The city of Baltimore approved $ 10 million in oil savings

Updated for 2019 July 18

Baltimore officials agreed to use an additional $ 10 million to cover the attack, at the time of export.
Many of the citys computer systems were replaced in early May.

The city budget indicates all service costs
After the agents threatened to demand around 80,000, the cost of the attack would reach 18 million.
Get ready to unlock the system, but city officials recommend it
Ignored the law.

Baltimore Technology spokesman told ABC News
[The city is very young
The attack took place in the country.

Since that month, three cities in Florida have been cared for and the latest victim, the Central Park Fund, has been approved.
He paid $ 600,600 million in damages last week.

Several other cities offer programs for hackers and Lake City
Pay 4 60,460,000 on Bitcoin to restore your computer data and systems
The cost of the Sarovar coast is $ 600,000.


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