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The critical errors of Microsoft June Patch 22 and 4 zeros per day have been corrected

Last updated July 1, 2019

CV 88 CVE When Microsoft Patch launched in June,
Includes 22 special days and four zero performances

Zero day problems, all rights,
The best cyberspace is closed as monthly tracking
The good news is that zero days is a discount
Found in nature. These:

* CVE-2019-1069 blocks Windows task scheduling
It can affect Windows 10, Server 201 2016 and above.
* CVE-2019-1064, Windows is at risk
10, Server 201 2016 and above.
* CVE-2017-1053 is a problem in Windows
Affects the shell and all existing Windows operating systems.
* CVE-201-0-0973 is a problem in Windows

Social impact is an important or significant risk factor. Before that
The changes outweigh the risks
The proof of morality is obvious.
This means that the buyer has the opportunity to meet with the engineer
Trade director Chris Gottel says the benefits are complex
State, Security, Evanti

Satnam Narang, Sr .;
With intensive research, he discovered the existence of zero risk every day
Need first aid, also known as CVE-2019-0888.

CVE voted for its release this month
CVE-2019-0888, Weak Data ActiveX (ADO)
Things to remember. Attacks can be used to attract users
Visit the opposition site today
The user says.

Immi Graham, General Manager of Product Management, B.I.
Qualis has three features in Hypervisor Escape.

Three drawbacks in remote code implementation (CVE-2019-0620)
CVE-2019-0709 and CVE-2019-0722) are placed on Hyper-V, which does the same.
Host user to execute cookie code on the host system.
Microsoft says it is less likely to exploit this vulnerability
He said that the patch should be a priority for Hyper-V systems.


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