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The culprit is the seller of Dream Fentanyl, Chemsusa

darknet The culprit is the seller of Dream Fentanyl, Chemsusa
Darknet The culprit is the seller of Dream Fentanyl, Chemsusa

Updated July 27, 2019

United States decision in detail:

Jeffrey S. of Southern New York. The American lawyer, Bremen, has announced to Richard Castro, a / k / in Chimosa
Chems_usa, a / k / a chemist_us, a / k / shabby 192, money laundering and criminal justice work
Carfanel, Fentanyl, and Fentanyl are analog distribution software on the network, including Alpha B and Dream
Market. CASTRO has also agreed
to raise more than $ 4 million in funding. Castro pleaded guilty to the U.S. District Court.
Dennis L. City.

Manhattan says to General Jeffrey S. Bermin: according to the agreement
Richard Castro has used this site for many years to share
High doses of sufficient opioids, including fentanyl
Carfnell. Castro sees that he can hide behind the ignorant
Solution_. Internet addiction is used as a common drug
Chemical_use. Congratulations to one of our law enforcement colleagues, Commerce said
Now in American prisons.

According to Richard
CASTRO confirms in a public statement and in a declaration:

Between November 2015 and March 2019, CASTRO agreed to separate
Carpentanyl, fentanyl and phenylphenyl (analogs).
Fentanyl is a stronger synthetic opiate
Heroin and carpentanyl are antibodies that contain about one hundred fentanyl
The weather is stronger than fentanyl. Most murders in Castro eu
The scam uses surfers in the dark for drugs
Chemsusa, Chems_usa and Chemical_usa. This is Castro
These are internet observers and leaders of the revolution. In the dark
In the internet market, Dream Market CASTRO is proud to have made it
Over 3200 exchanges in other online markets, including others
1800. on AlphaBay. Guest reviews: Chemsusa,
Armrests and armrests are especially strong
Incredibly concise, go on.

In June 2018, CASTRO announced that Chemsosa was using the leader
Customers will transfer their business to dark websites
You can only receive a request to purchase a medicine via encrypted email.
If you want to find out an email address that does not match the market, ask chams_usa
Customers pay. It is paid by a trusted lawyer
Receive service fees, encrypted email addresses, and subscriptions a
Castro Castro’s lawyer sent the drugs to Luis Fernandes
Murder, also from New York.

CASTRO customers paid for it for Bitcoin. Castro washed it
Drugs are sold in a number of ways, including the distribution of millions of drugs
The dollar goes through Bitcoin wallets and buys almost a hundred
There is a $ 4 billion amount for Zimbabwean banks.

After a legal agreement, CASTRO agreed to leave
4,156,198.18, in seven types of assets or cash
Bitcoin wallet address.

* Me *

Richard Castro, 36, founder of Florida, pleaded guilty.
Distribution system and distribution rights
The three controlled substances are carfentanyl, phenylphrine and fentanyl.
Fentanyl, 10 years in prison
Life imprisonment and life imprisonment are a lot of money
Washed and imprisoned for up to 20 years.
The supreme law is established and enacted by the Assembly
Here it is for informational purposes only, as see other statements
The accused will be determined by the judge. They are punished
August 25, 2019 at 2:30 pm for Judge Coates.

Mr. Berman directed the Federal Police.
The New York Police and Police Office
His only research project. Mr. Berman thanked you
Local funding is from Orange County, Florida, the sheriff
Support page on this topic

The emergency agency handled the case.
U.S. Attorney Neff, Allen R. Filters, and
Ryan B. Greenfield is in charge of law enforcement.


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