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The dark market is closed

General information

May 1
Today is another hidden powder market! After a few months of work, DarkBay marketplace announced the availability date
You may be confused. But on the other hand he was honest and didnt do business with all the bikes!

It is not yet clear why the market is hiding, but a message on the site indicates that some have been there.
Dark Bay has created a new Andromeda Marketplace market and consumers will move all products and ideas to new locations.
Already sold. The Andromeda Marketplace is old-fashioned and affordable
(Call code required)

In this age of marketing, fraud and uncertainty, it is common knowledge that outdoor advertising will not work and will not work.
And BTC user groups. We had a lot of hope at Dark Bay and are ashamed to look for him, especially since he acted as a director.
Polite and honest
See the message on the Night Bay website below

Dark Bay closes on May 1, 2014
Quite a few months have passed since the Black Bay, and now we have to stop. We were nervous from the start.
We sell, we promise to change heaven and earth to avoid BTC. Today is the day
In todays world, we show that deep networks dont need to be filled with dedicated managers and imagination. The bay is dark
It is a safe place for free trading and business information. The look that was achieved.
This ideology is unique, collaborative, and uncompromising with DODS. We have no restrictions and they are there

I truly believe that Dark Bay is free that we should all receive. Unfortunately, that is why we are hungry.
Dark Bay has many successful suggestions and hopes to bring more happiness into people’s lives. Anyone who does
Believing in a dark bay means the world to me. I dare believe that Dark Bay is the goal and ultimately does it.
Changes in the lives of all who make use of our services. I looked up to know that what we created here was real.
Beautiful. Thank you so much for participating in this journey.

The market It will remain open until everyone is disconnected from BTC and all open offers are canceled.

Darkboy will be with you until the end.

Last month, a team of Darkboy decided to do Andromeda and I thought it would be more successful than DB.
Never, Andromeda team shared our thoughts. But it is creative and intelligent They are very successful
Commitment and integrity in Mad Bay over the past few months I resigned from the post of director and Derby will continue.
Andromeda Marketplace All users of products and concepts will be transported there. It has to be in full production and everything.
The database account must have access to Android. I would also not work as a market manager at Dark Bay.
Androma, but that’s my eternal gratitude and I just want Androde to succeed.
All Dark Bay retailers can open their trading accounts at Andromeda.

Andromeda Market Crime

Today, DarkBay has abandoned this crazy trick. If it is called minila and industrial unrest, we face enemies
Eliminate any termination agreements or termination prospects to strengthen our termination.

The fight against drugs burns more drugs than ever before. Direction I have seen from the fog. Therefore
I am blind, but I was not blind. The secret areas we are creating here are Noah’s downward and uprooting policies
Sometimes remember injustice when we are on the road. The view takes us to the walls
Entertainment and darkness, and falling into growth and education immediately characterize us.
I look at the end of politics.
I said:
How can we expect you to win the war you have already lost?
DarkBay system


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You dont understand it all day


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