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The data breaks down 7.7 million patients

darknet The data breaks down 7.7 million patients
Darknet The data breaks down 7.7 million patients

Updated July 18, 2019

The day after the study, nearly 12 million people were mentally ill.
The American Payment Institution (AMCA) is known to hold LabCorp.
And seven million customers can do that too

Burlington Lab Corp. in North Carolina has announced publicly.
Concerned about reports and use of the Securities and Exchange Commission 8-K
Warn patients that information on patients provided by AMKA is displayed.
Events held from August 1, 2018 to March 30, 2019
This information can include name, date of birth, address, phone number.
Charges, business days, suppliers and revenue cannot be transferred.

To make matters worse, about 200,000 customers have paid for LabCorp.
The data used by the AMCA website contains information about your credit card.
LabCorp is still in danger. According to SEC AMKA
They do not identify with the victims. But they have confidence
The health sector started talking about them.
People, because it will have a two-year identity
Keep track of credit

The news was released on May 10 by Databrechsnet
Posted by Gemini analytical consultants
200,000 black Internet sales
Analyst are analyzed by analyzed by
As a result, stolen data is linked to AMCA.

Social security numbers, insurance information,
Laboratory tests and results, without diagnostic information
LabCorp said the violation affected her and was actively involved
The name of US Holdings is Laboratory Corporation.

The AMCA acknowledges that the investigation is ongoing
The movement is taking steps to improve the security of the system,
The process and information specified in the statement are then added
LabCorp events have stopped sending new requests to the AMCA collection
AMCA collection requests remain
LabCorp users are included.

There are 20 million labs between Quest Diagnostic and Labcorp
Information for patients is disseminated and practiced
Some are cheaper than other companies that use MCA
Third-party service providers know that this affects customer data
Then you.

Security researcher Brian Krebs writes about financial monitoring agency audits on his website
The complaint site has received more than 700 complaints against AMK.
Credit institution. These claims reflect the current or past relationship between the AMCA and the EZpass New Jersey system.
Similarly, American Traffic Solutions offers car rental services, millions of personal operations
About conflict.

For example
You will be surprised if you do not understand the affected company immediately
George Lane, the founder and chief executive officer of security company Secure, is responsible for the breach.
Send comments via email. The organization must be responsible for overseeing this
It knows the state of emergency, network security and third party information
Identify credit security and risk
Use this information to improve the process.
Based on most information, you can make partnership decisions.

Kevin Goshak, CEO of Arcos
In the lab, Bendris said, third-party access points were included
Once the hackers appear, it will remain
Purpose of the last issue that the company cannot actively monitor

The diagnosis provides accurate medical information
(Does not apply to lab tests) Published by Labcorp
He said the problem was caused by insurance companies and informants
Brad Keller, Director of Integrated Assessment Program
There is no system to prevent health abuse

Steps can be taken to stabilize the information and credit institutions
Note that financial information is compromised. By the way,
Financial institutions have corrective action programs
Avoid unauthorized use of credit cards and accounts at the same time
Complete basement. But there is no such thing
Be it a communication process in health care or insurance,
This complicates his misuse

Some cybersecurity and privacy experts have already begun to think about the risks of regulatory risk.

This violation undoubtedly brings a severe penalty to the ministry.
ACMA’s Civil Rights Office
Presented by Michael McGrath, Director of Global Rules and Standards
AtOneSpan. However, the HHS needs to be revised
Security and privacy strengthen third-party security controls
Let’s go. Margaret presented him to the New York Treasury Department
New IT Security Rules for Financial Institutions (23)
NYCRR 500) can be used as a module.

But according to Tom Garubba, CEO of Shared Assessment and CISO
HIPAA has already offered clear opportunities to third countries.
Business partners according to their general rules. They are business partners
Respect laws, competent agencies and their data
B. A. must be properly checked by the competent authority,
You ladies and gentlemen, and comments sent after the constitutional amendment was announced
LabCorp has announced this.

I wonder how fast the Office of Political Rights works
Let’s look at the details of this special agreement
Find a partner who has created a job and what they see
Gerberpa, if he was there, looked disgusted. They are
The two percent interest paid by both companies is OZ
Historically, it has come under heavy pressure to pay fines
Beware of damage.

Following the publication of Quest Detection, AMKA released this statement
SC Media Message: We are looking for an event that contains information
An unauthorized user is a member of the US Medical Saving Agency
System. After receiving information from the security service
Possible cooperation agreements with credit card companies, we
An internal check was performed and then we locked our payment site.
We hired a forensic service to investigate the matter
We may jeopardize the security of our online payment systems
Gate services for third party providers and additional professionals
Take steps to improve the safety of our body and give advice.
We also consult with law enforcement agencies on this issue.


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