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The drug dealer “Dream Lama” has been in prison for 160 months

darknet The drug dealer "Dream Lama" has been in prison for 160 months
Darknet The drug dealer "Dream Lama" has been in prison for 160 months

District Court for the Southern District of the United States
This was announced today in Melissa Scanlan (a / k / a “ug Hela Lama”) in Illinois.
He was sentenced to 160 months in prison for human trafficking
Fentanyl binds the U.S. to the black line.
Global conspiracy on money laundering and fentanyl distribution
The result is death.

Scanlan is to blame
Below: Fentanyl Distribution Site, Pi.
If someone thinks they are selling a counterfeit drug, use fentanyl.
Assault attack number on counterfeit drugs, assassination number
Global liquidity, more distribution
Fentanyl is lethal. A 32-year-old man from San Diego prayed
They were also convicted in October 2019. Colonel Singer Scanlan,
Brandon Arias, 34, had previously been sentenced to 9 years in prison in federal court
Prison for cyberattack

The facts were made public
The court found that Scanlon and Arias created an Dream
Market account in the Dark Web 1 market.
This account is used to significantly sell content and services
Number of drugs operating in the monopoly,
Lama. Samples of fentanyl products are available from October
From 2016 to August 2018, Scanlon was almost sold out.
52,000 fentanyl tablets in America.

that is why
In court, Scanlon and Arias earned $ 100,000 from their blacklist
Distribute the money to drug dealers as well. There are no court documents
Scanlons involvement in international finance has been proven
Cryptocurrency and its role in the Mexican cartel
Prevents a woman from taking fentanyl tablets
Claims. He died soon after.

We. Stephen D. Weinhoff’s lawyer endorsed a culture of crime immersed in the dark.

“It is a crime
Like Melissa Scanlan, they calmed our community down with opioids
Shadows and back are thought to be preventable
Internet “.” But they can’t get a room.
Wherever we go In good partnership
As partner scientists, we use a variety of tools and methods.
This is the person who can be called and take full responsibility.
To live. US lawyer Steven D. Weinhoff said
Petitioner confirms parliament’s main objective
Consequences of punishment analogous to fentanyl.

Black line
Internet connection not found by regular search
Machine and belt services appear to be hidden from customers. This one
Crime spread in a dark chain due to clothing rules
It also scales and markets the region.

Opioids are dispensed with Ioline or conventional drugs
Supply method, heavy alcohol consumption and death a
Continuation of national interest; accident support
They do illegal things. ”
Charles L. Pay. Grenstead, FDA Criminal Investigation Authority
Kansas City Council. “Just noticed us
Illegal destruction of drug supplements
Internet at the expense of health and safety. ”

“under, below
The availability of fentanyl is essential for law enforcement
Partners and law enforcement agencies benefit from general distribution
“Ways to use Scanlan drug cases,” the DEA said.
Call William Kalal Kalahan Special Representative in St. Petersburg. Louis
“Skeletons poison the community with poisons that lead to his death
He is now responsible for “”

That was part of the case for him
National coordination of food and pharmaceutical activities
Investigation Department, Drug Monitoring
US Post, Inspection and Audit
United States Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Borders
Security, U.S. Attorney General in the South
Kanti of California and Attorney General of the United States
Southern Illinois. The assistant chief prosecutor is a wise man
Legal representative


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