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The drug dealer receives fines sent from Sheffield for repeat MDMA purchased on the dark website

Sheffield Court on July 2. During a hunger strike, 27-year-old James (27) was arrested and arrested on the DMMA board.
Police raided his former friend’s house at the Parson intersection in Farsfield, Parsons.

Judge Sarah Ishat Hamcham said police arrested multimedia messages and made sure they did the right thing.
Tell me about it.

Attorney Andrew Smith Hamas, January 15, 2019; He said police were called back after the rape.
34 MDM courses were purchased through partners.

Campaign estimates indicate that the Internet has purchased 86 courses for 86 courses, each for $ 5.
. Blacksmith

Hemshaw has the potential to supply MDMA, with the goal of destroying Luga by allowing Central Nufzberna to produce MDMA.
2018 and January 2019

Defender Mark Daly said Hamshow sells tables to people he knows, including brothers.
Facebook or text message.

Dooley also said Hemshaw, a former drug addict, will preside over the trial and is still working.
And support groups.

Judge Wright acknowledged that Hamshaw was weak in his opinion and responded well to the audience today.
Serifis was ordered.

It lasted five or two years, lasted two years without treatment, and was paid for 150 hours.

Judge Wright told him: I remind you that you took the opportunity given to you by the court.

Dont forget to take this opportunity because if you dont spend two years in prison for the crime and everything else.

Mike Hepworth, 28, a Buchanan Crescent prosecutor, pleaded guilty.
MDMA was released after two albums were moved to others with five titles.

Judge Wallace was sentenced to 12 months in prison for taking care of Hepworth and his family.
Break it down.


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Sheffield drug dealers have canceled the MDMA online black market sale