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The feathers point to the Nigerian gang involved in the former fraud

Federal prosecutors today sentenced 252 people to more than 80 sentences in Nigeria
Download your friends songs Send them through the store. False emails online transactions have seized 46 to 46 million

They were placed in the middle
He returned to California in 2018. They were not released after being arrested in October
For example, this morning 11 participants from Los Angeles responded.
The focus of fashion is experience. They both met with the Allies
They were released on a civil appeal, and some arrested
The remaining 63 points are expected earlier this week
Foreign countries, especially Nigeria.

Nigerian allies remember Valentino Arrow 31, a newspaper published by the Ministry of Justice
Kikodi Christogins Agbowski (38) from Karuna (California) and Gordon (California). He said a couple of people had been arrested
Manages fundraising at work rheoli manages fundraising worldwide
Adding extra money to financial fraud fraudulent financial transactions passed to other financial institutions.

Defendant served until October 7, 2014
In any event, on May 2, 2018, DG reported. All the names mentioned
Counter-revolutionary revolution;
Hero part of this society
Refuge cost Asylum costs.

He was also charged with kidnapping Iro-Igboko
Jerry Akogo, 50, has moved to California, California
Focana Musa Ogunby, 34, Fontana, CA, Kingsley Luchoku:
A 30-year-old friend from Los Angeles; Aunt Marina Manasbangora, 33,
Palmdale, CA; And Obi Medicoway, Nigeria, 31 years old. Finally Iro, Igoko
Chukus Strela, 39, was convicted.
He had to try to destroy the evidence.

Akogo, Ogunbe cities The cities of Monsanto are included in the government
At least two people have been arrested
Unauthorized guilty

The Minister of Justice stated that the number of victims of the operation was huge
All types of business, including law enforcement, including most seniors

This is part of a relentless effort to protect Americans
Internet projects are real: victims are brought to justice
U.S. Citizenship: U.S. Attorney Hannah D. For Commercial Use
Published in the Ministry of Justice. Today we have taken a big step to stop criminals
BEC magazines, dating strategies are solved by networks using other Avon strategies
The victim identifies you and sends a message
Criminals don’t care about your location, so we’ll limit it
Invalid connection flow.

Today’s announcement supports many attempts by criminal groups to participate in BEC operations.
FBI Assistant Director of Los Paul Del Cote Says US Property Paid
Field center in England. With billions of dollars lost each year, citizens want to know more about this extraordinary currency.
Tips to protect you or your business from experienced victims.

Complete statement from USO

Today, the Supreme Court has released 252,808 judges, most of whom are Nigerians.
There are also national conspiracies that steal millions of dollars through fraud and abuse.
Through the Los Angeles financial system.

The riot police assaulted the rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.
Eleven people were arrested in Los Angeles. Both defendants in the other prosecution are already under federal detention
I was arrested earlier this week. According to him, the remaining lawyers are abroad and most of them are in Nigeria.

The complaint states that there are 80 suspects and others who use various internet fraud systems, including malicious e-mails.
Fraud (BEC), romantic fraud and parents plan to cheat millions of dollars per victim.
Criminal cases have begun and colleagues from Nigeria, the United States and other countries have now been contacted.
Advocates Valentina Iro (31), Carson and Chukwudi Christogunus Igbokwei (38), Gardan, both from Nigeria.
Citizens for banking and financial services who can steal counterfeit money from member victims
The protests forced the victims to send money out of counterfeit claims, and the Ira and Igbokwe linked them up and investigated
By law, it costs 145 pages, extensive money laundering

Prosecution and prosecution claim that Ira and Igbokwe, arrested this morning, are in custody.
It plans to donate at least $ 6 million to fraudulent finance and the general public.
Responsible for trying to steal at least $ 40 million

Fraud targets victims in the United States and around the world, including individuals, small and large businesses, and
Law Firms Some victims have been accused of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a fraud system and many are older.

It is part of our ongoing effort to bring Americans to justice and Internet fraud.
The victims said American citizen and businessman Nick Hanna, an American lawyer. Let’s stop now.
The crime network uses the BEC program. Widespread stories and other scams to reduce victims. The prosecutor is sending us this
We recognize criminals everywhere and reduce unfair income.

Today’s report highlights the huge efforts made by criminal groups to organize the use of BEC systems.
“Americans aim to make money,” said Paul Dalecray, assistant director of the FBI in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles office. Billions of dollars are lost every year, so we urge residents to be aware of these complex financial
Strategies to protect you or your business from honest accusers. The Federal Police is ready to cooperate with us
Agencies around the world identify two hackers and destroy their networks.

Iroh and Igbokway were the main agents of the fraudulent bank accounts. According to Aroh, Iroh and Igbokway went to the bench
Invoices and requests for information are sent to bank accounts if this information is available to homeowners worldwide and
Money received from the victim in order to steal money from the victim
Fraud system.

If the bank account with the company name is specified in the payment agreement, then Iro and Igbokway
According to court documents, when opening accounts where money can be obtained, it is often associated with money meters. in
Real company names reflecting the official name of the company, these consultants often demonstrate dishonesty
Business in government offices in Los Angeles broke into banks
The news was opened.

When the victim transfers money to a bank account or financial service, Iro and Igboque take the adjustment into account.
Save money. Conflict experts sometimes transfer money to other bank accounts under their control; Next
Sometimes they just take money from financial management, such as cash or removable equipment.

If money is stolen back, defenders often send money abroad using illegal exchanges.
In light of the allegations, direct transfer to Yerevan Bank is often prohibited.
Hugo Bokuh arranged the transfer of funds from the victims of bank accounts to bank accounts in the United States.
Prior to the illegal lenders, this currency exchange program had been replaced with the Nigerian banking program.
Nigerian currency, Nigerian currency account and Nigerian bank account ()
Using Iro and Igu Bokuwe, the method used to send millions of people to Nigerians without direct submissions.
Overseas budget names were cited by Jerry Ikogo, 50, and Edison of Carson, who were arrested Sunday.
Fontana Ogangbe (34) is one of the people who do illegal activities in exchange for money damages.

More than 80 are accused of money laundering and
Thieves steal. Some have also been accused of banning fraud and burial.

Kingsley Omjezi (30) of Los Angeles Tita and three defenders are Iro, Igobokuh, Ikogo, Ogongbe and Izuchoku.
Marinamans Bangla (33) in Palmdale and Obimadexwe (31) in Nigeria are responsible for illegally transferring money.
Company. Ogongbe and Mansbangora were among those arrested, and Amoji was an asylum seeker at the time.
By officials

IBI, Igbokwe and Chuks Eroha, 39, could face additional charges if they try to seize a cell phone during an FBI search.
The arrest warrant was issued in July 2017. Ilo was also praised by the FBI during the investigation. Many complaints
Half of Aero’s phone was cut off while the FBI searched the Iron Building in Carson.
Igbo Koo and Elo throw their phones in the living room window. Despite the color, he claimed to have damaged his phone in the
Talk to her husband Talk to her husband about looking for a few seconds.
Alha said he immediately fled to Nigeria after the FBI knocked on the door of Iros’ home for investigation.
After applying for FBI security

Consumption in criminal cases and court proceedings is only intended to bring the accused guilty and light.
Until a conviction is given before trial

The investigation was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office in the US. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The government provided significant assistance during the inspection.

Many organizations are now supported by the U.S. Postal Service for arrests or investigations.
US Audit, Immigration and Customs Law Behavior, Internal Security Audit, US Citizenship and Immigration Services
U.S. Customs and Border Protection in California Vintura Legislation and Tax Exemption.

FBI prosecutors assisted in the investigation, such as the prosecution
International public and foreign leaders around the world. The FBI and the U.S. Thanks to the Department of Justice
Support from the British Criminal Organization in the UK and the German Office of Public Prosecutions in Osnabrck.

Cyber and U.S. Attorneys Anil J. Anthony, Josephing Wooding sued
Part of intellectual property rights.

The FBI released a report on BAC project growth in 2017 and re-released Operation Wire 2018
Try to find an international BAC project. The FBI has announced public services regarding BAC hazards
The job depends on the entrepreneur, but it is proven.


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