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The Fed accuses the Nigerian gang of being involved in the deception

darknet The Fed accuses the Nigerian gang of being involved in the deception
Darknet The Fed accuses the Nigerian gang of being involved in the deception

The defense attorney accused 8,002 people, mainly Nigerians, of the complaint.
Bullying victims receive at least $ 46 million from fraudulent e-commerce, e-commerce emails and online frauds.

The judge will hear the case in the center
He returned to California in October 2018 and was not arrested after his arrest
Between Los Angeles guards until 2 p.m.
Company fraudsters and two other parties
Shortly thereafter, he was arrested by another
The others were 63 years earlier this week
Foreign, major in Nigeria.

The first suspects were identified by 31-year-old Nigerian girl Valentin Arrow in an issue of the Justice Department.
Chuck Wood Christgan Igbokio, 38, of Carson, California on the farm. The couple is believed to be in custody.
Connecting wealth through the creation of a global economy and economy
Choose mortgage lenders who create false bank accounts and exchange money against foreign exchange transfers.

The charges were not initiated on October 7, 2014, and will continue to do so
The DOJ will notify you at least May 2, 2018. All the respondents said
,,,, Fraud,
I received my identification card and joined this team
Cracks and funeral rites.

He was also accused of money laundering in Iraq and Igbokai.
Jerry Aiko, Jiro of Carson, California; Advertising;
Adegok Mosa Ogunbi, 34, of Fountain, California; The Isuzuku Garden
Umesh, thirty, of Los Angeles; Dozens of Marina Mansapkura, 33,;
Palmdale, California; And two Medcav.1 from Nigeria. Finally, Eero, Igbokwe
And California stockings, Chuck Araho were also included in the fee.
He is accused of trying to gather evidence.

Those arrested in this regard are Ikoko, Ogunbe and Mansabangura.
So it is always arrested. This requirement covers at least 226

According to VK, victims are mainly responsible
Companies of all sizes, including individuals, couples and law

This incident is part of our commitment to the United States
Pay the fine online
US. Prosecutor Nick Hannah is a U.S. attorney. Tells citizens and investors
DOJ version. Today we are committing adultery
BEC system, pornographic networks and other scams to defeat them
Responsibility for this hunt sends the messages we need to know
Terrorists live there and we get bitten
Refunds are not enough.

Today’s report highlights the strong efforts of organized crime groups to develop OIC plans
FBI Deputy CEO Paul Delacourse, American and
Field office in Ankara. We lose billions of dollars every year and want people to know about these complex financial resources.
He plans to protect himself or his business from false victims.

All US statements

> Since 252 charges have not yet been filed in Los Angeles, today 80 debtors, mostly Nigerians,
He engages in a huge conspiracy to steal millions of dollars through various fraud and money laundering programs.
Los Angeles through the money laundering network.

This morning, lawyers were arrested after the arrest of 14 accused in the United States.
Eleven of these arrests will be in the Los Angeles area. Both defenders were already federal on other charges.
One was arrested this week. It is believed that the other culprits were abroad, mainly in Nigeria.

Lawyers claim that 80 defendants and others have used various bogus programs, including emails in corporate emails.
Dishonesty Fraud (BEC) and new programs that target parents to hide millions of dollars. According to
The details of the crimes were also released today, and the leader contacted Nigeria, the United States and other countries
through a cooperation scheme.
Valent Aro de Carson, 31, and Christopher Egbok, 38, have been convicted.
Citizens are eligible for bank and financial accounts that can collect money from accident victims.
Conspiracy to persuade victims to send money in bogus cases, Iro and Ibgokwe coordinate income
A large torque of 145 pages for submitting requests.

The accused and the accused complained of the participation of Arro and Aibok, who were arrested this morning.
The system cost at least 6 million euros. Illegal financing and conspiracy in US dollars
The person responsible for the robbery is at least 40 million.

Counterfeiters are rampant in the United States. Despite his personality in the world, small and large companies.
Legal Department Some of the gang’s victims work for thousands of dollars, so many of them were presented as fake maps.

This case is part of our continued effort to protect Americans from counterfeit programs and take legal action against them.
American lawyers say Americans and companies are intervening. Nick Hanna We have taken important steps to end this
BEC uses criminal gangs to lure victims of romance, fraud, and other crimes. This claim has sent us a message
Criminals will determine where they live and we will find a way to stop illegal corruption.

Today’s announcement shows the great efforts of criminal groups, which play a key role in the work on the BEC program.
FBP Ross, Deputy Court Administrator De Paul, said:
The Los Angeles real estate agency loses billions of dollars each year, and we ask people to be aware of these financial
The FBI will join.
Global partner organizations continue to inform traffic and network operators individually.

They have a merchant account on Iboj.
Accounts requesting bank account information provide information to customers worldwide and
Remove all the money from the victim to recover the stolen money.
corruption Patterns

If necessary, use a bank account with a different company name to pay for payment and ibooks.
You often negotiate a commission to open an account, with which you can make money with lawsuits.
They often send scams to create illegal trade names for shipping company organizations.
In the event of fraud, the bank sends a bank statement to the Los Angeles registry / office.
Open an account

Igbo Kawashmo and I were contacted if the victim was transferred to a bank account or service account.
Members who use continuous false payments can transfer money from a bank account they control to another account.
In this case, only the relevant elements, such as commissions and cash checks, are separated.

When money is stolen, defenders often exchange money illegally to transfer money abroad,
Liabilities are calculated for the bank’s direct money transfer violation. About it Iro and
The terrorists coordinated the transfer of money from the victim’s fake bank accounts, which they brought to an American bank
Illegal currency exchange. In exchange for money, they split the Nigerian banking program.
Money Naira (), Nigerian money, is a Nigerian bank account held in a Nigerian bank account.
Iro and Igboquay. This method is used to transfer millions of dollars to Nigerian donors without direct transfer.
Forex activity claims that Carlson, 0, Carlson (arrested on Sunday) and Adegok Mosha
The 34-year-old is one of the Ogunbe fountain exchange sites.

The defendants each mentioned fraud and money laundering
It was stolen. Many plaintiffs are accused of fraud and money laundering.

In addition, Iro, Igboque, Kogo, Ogunbe and three others were charged with 300-year-old King Messenger in Los Angeles, Texas.
Marina Mansabungura, 33, of Pamdele, and Nig Obi Madekve, 1, of Nigeria, have been charged with embezzlement.
Ogunbe and Mansab were arrested in connection with the company’s arrest today. Umeesi ran
The government.

Iro, Igboque and Ch, Chuck Aroha are accused of trying to destroy their phones during an FBI investigation.
Also in July 2001, Iro was accused of lying in an FBI interview. The claim has been accepted
The FBI, when the FBI came to allow an Iraqi court to conduct a search in Carson, split the phone into two parts and
Igbok and Iroha made a call through the window. However, Iro claims that the phone soon broke down
Disputes with wife, information about FBI complaint about how the phone was used for a few seconds to determine
After knocking on the door of Iros’s apartment again to issue an FBI warrant. It is believed that Iroha went to Nigeria early
After the FBI issued its arrest warrant.

Crimes and offenses were committed during the trial, and the defendants were not convicted.
If you are not guilty in court.

The study was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Los Angeles County Attorney, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Department of Justice
The state was very helpful during the study.

Many organizations, such as the US Post Office, assist in the establishment or investigation
Work, Immigration and American Culture, Immigration and American Arrival.
Services, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Ventura County Attorney, California Tax

Many FBI prosecutors, like criminal gangs, support the investigation.
Has a foundation in international trade and in the world. Special thanks to the FBI and the US Office
He was assisted by the British Civil Service and the Attorney General’s Office in Australia, Germany.

In this regard, Deputy Prosecutor General N.M. Anthony and Cyber Joseph b.
Intellectual property rights are part of the crime.

FBC said BAC programs launched in 2017 and re-launched Wire Wire.
Offering international LAC design. FBI crash warning
Programs increase business confidence, but also provide guidance


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