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The former soldier spent 2.5 years in a drug driver prison.

After daily treatment, they confiscated military debt with 7,000 cocaine
It is located next to the bistro.

Jonathan Gerard Godfrey had more than 1,155 secrets when police searched his home in Carmarthen.
November 22, 2018

Crown Swansea court prosecutor Craig Jones said officers found two drugs in the area. Vienna
The bust sauce farm contains 62 grams of 82% white powder, about 95 grams of cannabis. They found plastic bags and phone bags
A message about the same drug was published in July.

In a later interview, the 31-year-old told police she bought drugs and bitcoin on the black market and was arrested.
Help yourself manage your fears.

Ian Ibrahim (Godfrey) said the accused was from Birmingham and was in the Staffordshire Battalion at the time.
At age 19, he was released from drug addiction after suffering from fever, anxiety and depression.

Godfrey’s lawyers use drugs and usually have half a gram of cocaine a day, but in 2018.
They gave him a loan of 2000, which he did successfully. “They know how small and shy they are.”
He raised his family with a son.

Godfrey agreed to serve Catherine Street, Carmarten, cocaine and marijuana. He has no past
Mistakes of 2015 should be used with caution.

Judge Paul Thomas QC sentenced him to two years in prison.


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