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The Germans have sued Ebola over the biggest fraud management on the Darknet

Of these distributors, not all legal transactions are sold. Drugs, weapons, fake cards, stolen credit cards – this is the heart of
Germany. The server is currently being tested, and it doesn’t appear that the lights are on, not the scared children.

On July 9, Internet service providers raided a store in Raniland-Pilotn, Germany’s largest home.
On the dark box. The case was presented by manager Andrew P. Klein. (Regional Ebola Judge) presented earlier.

The fraudster has more than 30,000 members and was first discovered in 2017 when it was discovered
It is illegal or stolen. Since 2016, nearly 1,700 people have been surveyed.
Evidence, counterfeit money, drug dealing, drugs and so on.

In addition, data was stolen from accounts, credit cards, MD and PayPal and counterfeit products online.

It is expected to happen after negotiations with Bitcoin and the cash-flow business.

Along with the retailer and distributor, Andr P., also known as Ebola, and his supporters are said to be making money. One
It also had 110 weapons, including drugs and ammunition.

Prosecutors did not remain silent for another seven days, seeking a trial in March.


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