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The Germans’ largest dark market revealed how the authorities seized the chemical revolution

Cocaine, ecstasy or cannabis are commonly used in or after German medicine. He is a
The letter and staff were shot by police.

Researchers demanded 17 drugs on the market: 10 board packages, 25 plants for 100 euros
112.50 euros, Colombia cocoa box 30 m 3010 euros. There are more sellers than sellers
No, investigators include internal cleaning documents.

Thousands are the most common fact, in which researchers are urging Germany to ensure better medical care.
This seems to indicate. Under a chemical revolution, a group of cybercriminals has been selling a number of drugs on the
Amphetamine, cannabis and MDMA, cocaine and heroin. According to researchers, the doctor

Trincomalee on a motorcycle site
So you can understand the development of drugs over the years on the internet.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (PKA) released the above report. According to PKA,
Tradition is that anyone knows how to spread the royal crown. But one thing is for sure: before the crown,
Items purchased from others and sold on the Internet through other products.

Many medicines and also
E-mail, as the document shows, played an important role in the case of chemical transformation. He seems to be still with all the
Photo courtesy of a young man with a snack bag in front of a DHL store but suspected of drug possession
Across town, investigators often overhear conversations and phone calls from suspects. So is another
Members of the Chemical Revolution as a division and warehouse. Two employees said:

> How do you leave this package in the mail?

> What do you understand now?

Im currently on Packstation, but how do I pack? Should I make an appointment here?

> Yes, you click send.

New Direct Joe Team: ING, yes, the dream is simple
According to the BKA, drug traffickers are mostly young people who can use a computer. Many culprits still exist
It has nothing to do with old characters, new businesses and current trends. You are inside
On the one hand, it seems to be a matter of the chemical revolution.

The accused are all men and only one is over 40 years of age. The leader of the chemical revolution believed he was 27 years old.
Call yourself and grab the internet. Investigators said he continued to have contact with the Dutchman who gave him the ation
Investigators believe the driver of the books was a drug smuggler in Germany. They were called runners
Distribute the medicines package in an updated format and send it to regular users or explain the article
Local delivery.

BKA explains that digital pharmaceutical services can attract new groups of customers to the pharmaceutical market. Current
Thus, this implies that the direction of the village will remain the same. Overall, Darknet offers a large number of users
Its use is illegal and prohibited as it is readily available and safe from drugs
For example, a typical grocery store, for example, at a train station.

By launching the player
The existing internal report completes the investigation and accident report.
The chemical revolution took place with a friend who helped set up the store. Pay attention to other packages for customers. what
is this?
Those who created the chemical revolution did not know it. This acquaintance worked for the government for some time
The businessman is said to be a suspected drug dealer, but in reality he is a detective compared to DCA.
Finally, he wrote in an interview with a drug dealer

Do you want to work?

Yes, I have other things. Do you like it?

> Yes, what’s up?

> Many things: weed, speed, LSD or heroin.

Show in the park
The buyer of the dispensed drugs exchanged 40,000 euros for a sports bag in the parking lot of the “Hamburg Rev”. He needs it
Take more than twelve pounds of medicine. Investigators asked the crowd. Just before the note.
Secret P.K.A. The researcher confirmed. However, all is well. Code soon
The officer then arrested the suspects

Almost all members of the Chemical Revolution will be replaced in February 2019. Not just raising the team leader.
First, according to researchers, not all employees know the exact names of the games. In most cases, it is
The technical anonymity of BKA provided by the encrypted message is a feature of the cemented versions, which may be the biggest
Digital criminal investigation and drugs.

So, identifying digital criminals is a small mistake, the main driver of the chemical revolution.
Order pizza inside. Investigators are trying to get back into the game. So he explained to the alleged boss
He was arrested in May 201.

He and 10 others were not detained for drug distribution. Deadline pending.


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