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The golf operation seized more than 3,000 weapons that came from the dark

darknet The golf operation seized more than 3,000 weapons that came from the dark
Darknet The golf operation seized more than 3,000 weapons that came from the dark

The Golald program was announced in 2015 by the State Police and has successfully announced efforts to strengthen and facilitate
weapons Violence in the Communication of Darkness. More than 3,000 guns and rifles have been sold in the black market over the
Internet and have already been rescued by hundreds of people. The suspects were arrested and convicted. PAYMENT OF MAN [ Work
begins on the civil protection service following the launch of 2100 automation tools. The euro allocated to Citizen Geneva is
known for bringing sales and heroin drugs to the black web. Asturian media, Carrillo Fernando, reported. Lawyers are in charge of
weapons control in Spain, in cooperation with the military. In 2015, it published an analysis of practical training (PICAF). The
walk began on the right side in the year 322 All the darkness and efficiency of the prisons were captured and subjected to secret
investigation. Then the Commission A total of 3050 items were not read and discovered and 295 people were arrested. Spain is known
throughout the world for strict rules on arms control and the existence or access. For a long time the repression of illegal
weapons has taken place, but unclear communication and clear use seems understandable. The money seems to affect this government.
Dark anonymity It is easy to find resources in the black market. The link between drug trafficking, trafficking, and violence is
that workers are intertwined and interconnected. There are many ideas. Many activities and communications that take place on the
Internet can be found In addition to the many problems, complexities, and legal issues, money is paid. The officer intervened. It
is carried by weapons from today and all over the world. But most of them Accused Kerio talks about Israel and the Soviet Union,
and we believe he was robbed for military reasons. Few hands Firearms AK bullets, knives and machine guns with rifles, y, salt
pistols are just a few weapons that can fire up to 60,000 rounds of ammunition in a minute. The woman was arrested. Prices in the
central internet market are between 1500 and 2100 euros. Work is underway with four inmates in Torreiliga and Astoria. This is the
same criminal organization. This includes arms trade and arms and ammunition shipments Turn it on The driver of the Jeju was
renewed to use the new license after the home development contract was signed. Need to He was allowed to work in a warehouse that
maintains, repairs and maintains weapons. Arrested The house has more than 200 firearms, including 183 revolvers and pistols.
Torrelaga Prisoners Abuse Illegal Weapons Stores, Madrid Prisoners Exchange Arms in Dark Organizations Without proper
documentation and unlicensed people. Three of the four suspects were found guilty. Armed criminals are expected to communicate
with an encrypted platform for containment through encrypted messages. From Investigators have begun to identify illegal weapons
that have been used in criminal activities to analyze the type, origin and possession of weapons. Activities Several captured
Spanish weapons (1914) were recently used in various crimes, including the March attack. A member of the French military police in
the story. According to this information, Gorard’s success is likely to control, control and reduce dangerous and illegal weapons.
Abuse by drug smugglers and jihadists, especially off the coast of Spain.


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