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The Hansa market was closed by the Dutch government

darknet The Hansa market was closed by the Dutch government
Darknet The Hansa market was closed by the Dutch government

The United States and other international organizations have closed the two buildings.

Its been a dark drug market in recent weeks. The first AlphaBay with this Hansa Market.

Hansa stood up
Dutch police have been closing in recent weeks.
He is known to sell all kinds of drugs, including legal services and equipment, such as credit card information.
other black internet activities.

Today, some shoes fall into Hansa Market, a brand that is starting.
Repeat AlphaBay.

Closing the The Netherlands-based market characters has led to the influx of new users on the web
This prevents new entries in the account from increasing traffic. The registration process reopens
One week later.

Of course now that Hanser’s market actually exists, the combination of weekly profit and strengths
The Internet should be published.
We. Dutch investigators have decided to take action while the Federal Bureau of Investigation works to close Alpha
Similarly, it has been reported that the number of airfields from Hansa Market letters has increased. Hansas grips
Open the data center.

Then they follow traditional practices and finally collect data to learn from salespeople and salespeople.
Identification Document.

The market deals illegally with drugs, theft of software and other products and services. There are about 1000 orders
It generates 40,000 sales per day and handles more than 50,000 transactions. Regardless of the authorities
Website Management.

Start with the alphabet

With the closure of Alpha Bay, it targets around 40,000 illegal traders

More than 200,000 customers need medication.


According to U.S. Attorney General Effo Cecio, many Americans have died from the large amounts of drugs sold in alphabetical
The market is said to be ten times larger than Silk Road, one of the most popular markets to be closed by the FBI in 2013.

Laughter stars:
Dutch police succeed in detecting criminal activity in Hansa

They can introduce new people to the market

People who have moved away from the alphabet are looking for a new business platform to carry out their criminal activities

Europol report
Many Albay book buyers and sellers are starting to come to the Hansa market. He said that
An eightfold increase in the number of retailers in the market since the release of Albaba.

When the beetle landed on the Ekwo coast, it was manually organized by the Hannes League near Albapa, reaching 1,000 to 8,000.

Dutch police managed to identify usernames and passwords for illegal buyers and sellers.
Europol and its partners analyze information through analysis.

The FBI, Europol and Lithuania and Germany were part of the investigation.

Taking advantage of this, the FBI and Dutch police are following the advice of other black markets.
Passwords have been removed from Alphabet and Hansa to use merchant accounts in other markets.

Depending on the strength of the organization, several arrests are expected in the coming weeks
The moon then removes any dark spots.

The battle of the dark area
After months of unexpected storms in the dark world, online chat
[Members of society have decided that this war can be won, but only war
It has not yet been done.


Police can intelligently shut down these illegal internet markets, but it’s only a matter of time.
Another drug market will open to fill the gap between the two cities. A lot is happening
[After a long stop.

Internet marketers generally use the same nickname in different companies. It is done …
A client that has the quality of its services in previous markets. This is less likely after the recent cancellation.
The exercise continues.

Distributors now understand the importance of leaving the old identity and the market in another dark place
They will be able to cover your data and protect your identity in the future.


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