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The license plate company was hit by a cyber attack

Updated July 18

The United States is not happy with the way the company is licensed to read the technology.

Perceptina is a manufacturer of Northern Europe, a pirate company.
Author: I mainly sell disk scanners,
Submarine USA, Canada Mexico.
Equipment used to cross the border.

The cyber attack is not harmful to Persex internal data,
But he sends the data to the dark. Danger information
Inside information, company information funds

We are aware of breaches and warn our customers. We can’t
Explain this because the legal investigation is ongoing,
Marketing Director Casey Ann told the Wes board of directors.
Transfer online account

VIS record cards speak better
Hacker Boris-Dodger Bullet said he should fight
Cyber Attack. Boris said he saw the potential for theft on the Internet
Sends email signatures associated with stolen data.

Earlier, Boris had taken money from a German company on false charges.
City Camp offers internet services for large companies
SaOracle; Volkswagen

United States customer service has used its reputation since 1982
The companys number plate reading went to work in the United States – Mexico
Crossing the border since 2002


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