The most popular feature in the Shopify industry brand fraud. Russian owner F.B.I. He grabbed it

False authorities arrested Russ Kirk de Firs ill for using false evidence to steal California personal information for sale. He is being called in Southern California District Court.

The office of the Attorney General of Southern California is called Firs’ PlatformerDeero. John F. Kennedy was born on Saturday, March 7, 2020 in New York. The Russian was arrested at Kennedy International Airport. The prosecutors asked the court to adjourn the case to March 9, and Judge Allison Goddard ruled on March 9.

The files contain documentary evidence from FBI spokesman Brian Nilsson. According to him, Firsov “obtained the name and password of those who maintained the account without permission to give it access to traditional client tools used to extract money, goods, services etc. According to the FBI, in the future, Russia uses this information to its own users. they steal information and lies about your private information.

According to the FBI,’s platform “gives criminals access to the trade, fraud and promotional activities through the platform in Russia.” According to the FBI, the group has been operating since October 2013, when there were more than 24,000 stores and a total sale of $ 17 million. Firsov is accused of being the “director of the Russian hacker and” and is known in other online forums and not just the planets. ”

According to this article, the FBI analyzed several cyber-deer sales agents and found that they had stolen a lot of personal and financial information, including birthdates, names, passwords, US Social Security numbers. , Affected individuals and organizations throughout Europe and the United States, including the Southern California region.

It concluded that on March 4, the FBI demanded deer without surrendering $ 111,000 in 20 accounts. His 249 presidential accounts in San Diego, CA, were executed and owned by the company’s client. This license is allowed for interactive video games.

It is important that they speak well with and do not take Mr. F because he cannot contact companies that work with Russia. eu


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