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The Munich striker carefully bought a gun from a dark site

darknet The Munich striker carefully bought a gun from a dark site
Darknet The Munich striker carefully bought a gun from a dark site

In Munich, a killer named David Ali Sonboli claims to have bought a Glack 117 pistol from a dark net.

German police said there were nine people despite the number of rockets used to kill the 18-year-old.
The itching comes from Slovakia.

Police also confirmed that Sonboli made the victim in the mall at the McDonald’s store and used a forgery.
Facebook account.

The victims, mostly teenagers, were not his classmates.

Forensic researcher Robert Hamburger went to shoot at Sonoli Vernon and took pictures.
As part of his plan.

The report also revealed that for the first time, he will be playing private video games and a guide on the street.

However, the authorities ruled that the crime was a political act, but affirmed that it was a case in point.
Patient with two months of depression in 2015.

Sonopoli is said to have been involved in the murder, and police have accused Sonopoli of humiliating him.
Anders Berwick, genocide.

At the same time, the mainstream German media is doing everything possible to gain access to the dark internet and bitcoin in the
Munich fire.

These claims are based on a number of points in German news, as the majority of payments are made using bitcoin for blind

There have been several terrorist attacks in Germany since then, with the Munich shooting being the worst.

Weapons and firearms are provided by law.

While previous reports have tied guns to the dark internet, keep in mind that the search isnt over yet.
There is no evidence to link the terrorist attack to dark websites or bitcoins.

The news sparked new debates over whether the German government should withdraw its secret policy.

Many politicians say bitcoin allows for anonymity.

In the past, bitcoins have been associated with violence and aggression.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Munich killings, but a recent report by the British Parliament showed that this was not
the case.
The link between Bitcoin and ISIL

In the future, these events will lead the German government to withdraw from the EU’s arms control system after the operation in
Teenagers can buy Glock weapons on the black internet.

This is because it is not easy for Germany to draft a strict gun law and get a minor legally.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiser said Germany would monitor compliance with the gun law.

He called for a similar policy in the European Union.

However, the first step was to find out how the Munich armed forces found the weapon.

We are talking about the application of general laws of military rule, but currently the laws may differ in different countries.
The second.

For example, anyone without mental illness or crime can automatically receive a military license.

Although the law is strict in Slovakia, there are difficulties in completing the country.

More recently, it has been speculated that the Paris uprising was used as a deterrent to Slovak weapons.

Belgium is considered the center of the arms trade in Europe.

The weapons used in the November terrorist attacks in Paris are believed to have been purchased in Belgium.

If ice was used to light the way for an effective way out of the darkness, the black businessman considered it carefully.

Changes, content, etc. Black Internet. How is illegal work carried out?


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