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The new free ECh0raix training program is aimed at the QNAP NAS driver

Updated July 17, 2019

The controversy has released a new version of Reinsomware
Storage devices created with QNAP (NAS) systems.

After the line of code, the saver is called eCh0raix,
First, when the dream broke in June
Computer set. Unknown causes are not uncommon today
Problems are common in the QNAAP Systems NAS, the Anomaly Student Learning Group
Report on SC Media. However, it is not available on NAS devices.

These devices are used to store copies and large files,
This makes it easier for them to discredit.

“There is nothing wrong with security,” Anomali said.
However, QNAP devices are easily attacked by people with weak passwords.

Researchers are looking at risk factors manufacturers.
QNAP devices connect to the Internet and companies that accept errors.
Password, find the number of topics in QNAP NAS.
Science because of the anomaly
Intel x86 is believed to be suitable for home and real estate sales.

Allow virus access by forcing access to the device.
The name will be used as a first aid kit.
Kill Investigator writes and reviews 9 methods of the device.
Make sure the file is not installed or the file attachment has not been changed.
Go to the address. You cannot go through a file using encrypted AES.

The commitment report is published here:

All your information is blocked (encrypted).
Open (encrypt) the instructions on this page. TOR: address]
Use TOR.

Do not delete this file, do not delete the last line of this file!

Entering the ransomware code is very easy
400 lines written in Go.

The discount software reaches the URL
Also inform about orders and inspections
The sg3dwqfpnr4sl5honion server is a SOCKS5 proxy server, phone 192.99.20661: 65000.
I got up and ran.


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