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The official announcement of a major German auction has been revealed on the Internet.

Cocaine, drinking pills and hashish is the most widely used in Germany. That happened
If the postal service fails to send information to the police.

The researchers ordered seven 10-gram doses of hashish on the market for 25 euros and 25-year-old pills.
5050 for 11.50, 3010 for Colombian cocaine. The quality of the test purchase was particularly high
He explained to investigators in internal documents the Federal Criminal Police Bureau.

Thousands of pages are a rare way for scientists to run Germanys largest pharmaceutical company.
Platform Under the breadth of a chemical revolution, a group of computers is selling several medicines online, among other
Amphetamines, hemp and MDMA, as well as cocaine and heroin. Operators received more than one, according to researchers
Million dollars

Sell medicine online to children
It is safe to say that drug trafficking has increased in recent years
At the highest level, the Federal Bureau of Criminal Police (CAA) stated. According to BKA, it does not exist today
How credible is this trend in the Corona crisis? One thing is clear. Even before the crown
More and more drugs are being sold and shipped online.

Drugs are sent home by mail
As the archives show, paper also played an important role in the chemical revolution. Back home with precision drug mail.
In the gruesome photo, teenagers with messages posted on DHL stations may order suspicious drugs
All over the city. Researchers read the interview talk and listen to the interview. So one of them
One of them was a member of the Chemical Revolution when he was in the warehouse. Two sources said:

> How to cancel a mail order?

> Now, what do you think?

> I am currently in Pakistan but how can I leave the packages? Can I put them somewhere?

> Yes, you must click Submit.

The best: Wow, quote, for you
According to BKA, the market is often for young assistants, men and computers. They usually make mistakes
New to the industry and insignificant at current conferences. Very good
Among other things, this may sound like a stretch in the gaming system.

Both men are believed to be over 40 years old. He was put to death by the chemical at the age of 25
He called Yuk online. According to the investigation, he kept in contact with a Dutch drug dealer.
Scientists say motorcyclists take drugs to Germany. Participants were then told about it
Update software packages and packages, and then send them by email or email to customers.

BKA explained that the service could attract new customers to the market. It’s here
It will strengthen the country. In many cases, DarkNet offers customers from the family
The simplicity and availability of preventive medication allows customers to connect with customers they were previously looking
They are usually cheaper by train.

Made with hacks
Current domestic evidence indicates that the investigation is a crime novel.
Chemical changes were discussed with a friend who helped save the business. Talk to the customer about the drug’s share capital.
At that time I didn’t know the creators of the chemical revolution. This acquaintance has been working with the government for a
long time.
The dealer connects them to the buyer of the drug, but is actually BKA’s secret agent.
Finally, in an interview with a pharmacist, he wrote:

> You don’t work

> Well, some. Are you interested?

> Well, what do you really have?

Significance. Forest, speed, LDD or heroin.

The program in our trash
The pharmacist said she would transfer 40,000 euros to a sports bag at Rivi Park in Hamburg. For you for everything
Various journalists earn more than a pound. Investigators listened to the meeting. Just before the transition
The BKA search engine recommends: “All is well: It seems to be a very fast coded word
Officials later detained the suspect.

Almost all members of the chemical revolution will change in 2019. September. Only team leaders will accept this.
Primarily because the investigators claimed that Zicos real name was not known to employees. Its usually time
The BKA talked about encrypted messages because options for controller technology that could be a major hurdle were discussed.
Multicultural criminal investigation.

So digital criminals can explain some of the mistakes. The culprits of the chemical revolution,
Pizza is made to order. Researchers can find courses on how to change payments. So place the container where you speak
You can play in the team in May 2019.

Along with 10 other people, they were arrested in a mass action. Test day still.


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