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The pair were arrested for trying to evict 10,000 10,000 from a bank using a Dark Website ID

Police are arresting people trying to loot Sh 10,000 from a fake bank in Windward Parkway

Bank employees called police at 11 a.m. when the woman went to the treasury to collect $ 10,000 for her mother’s funeral.
And suspicious cards will be issued.

While officers were talking to the person who showed the card, the man approached him, trying to release him.
Police found out. Authorities also detained him.

The two had previously given the police a false name, but in the end his wife gave him his real name and advised him to stay.
Ordering his arrest in Texas. He also said that the man bought an ID from a dark website and created a fake driver.
License to use this data.

During the search, police found a forgery in his bag.

The man was identified as Tone Davis, 30, of Orleans.
Stealing actually involves the death of a person and is initially forgotten.

Christopher Ififi, 39, of New Orleans, has been charged with four counts of robbery.
Combine the income of the undergraduate and postgraduate income with the undergraduate income related to death


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