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The pedophile posted a video of the child abuse on a dark website

July 18, 2019

23-year-old Jordan Perenum was sentenced to life imprisonment because he was held in the museum by QC Judge Peter Kelson.
Eighth year from the corner. Confessed that Prentice abused two children under the age of eight
According to the trial court, Parwan was sentenced to eight years in prison for injustice. Vanga Harbor
The conditional board of directors should consider the opportunity to be publicly available before publishing.

[Kadi said: I think I can’t say today
However, this is seen as a young job. Parnam’s death was very close
According to a statement from Matapiri’s website, a video of the court hearing will be released on January 30.

On February 22, South Yorkshire police broke into his home in Brunswick while trying to identify him.
Usually using the Internet. Sheffield Royal Court, when Pernham delivered the phone to the police, said, It’s not bad.
He said here. Among the files, the officers found a misleading video of the attacked girl.
Trade coordinator Simon Revol said the crown cannot be removed from the video. but
Parveen has agreed to share this with a group of people he sees on the Windows website. Another type of childhood dream has been
Telephone. Investigations also revealed that he abused a 12-month-old child when his crimes were exposed.

Matthew Harding shows that Parnam’s crimes are not as serious as other cases of rape in the upper arms.
crime. The lawyer added that Parnam strongly accepted what he had done.

In prison, Judge Kelson said he could not imagine a more serious case and added: “Your crime is
it cannot be unimaginable, it is unimaginable. Therefore, it is not possible to register it. You have been sent online
he filmed this shocking rape scene and shared it with like-minded people. Parnam was also charged with sexual assault
register and suffer from unspecified sexual harm.


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The device involved a Snapleon girl

English pedophilia, which has experienced violent violence against children, will be eradicated