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The soldier was sentenced to 2.5 years for selling drugs in the dark

The first troops suffered more than 7,000 casualties after daily medical treatment.
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When Jonathan Gerrard Godfrey also suffered more than 1,000 injuries and $ 1515 when police searched his home in Carmarthen
22nd November 2014.

Craig Jones, who is in custody at Swansea Magdalena Court, said no drugs were found in the house. They saw him
62 grams cup 82% bistra fruit and about 95 grams body fat. They also got buttons and phones and phones
There has been talk of illegal drugs since July.

In an interview with him, two policemen said they bought two drugs and bitcoins from a dark website.
This can help address their concerns.

Ian Abraham, Godfrey, Challenger from Birmingham and joined the Staffordshire Group at this stage.
He was released at the age of 19 after being arrested for peronia, anxiety and anxiety.

Attorneys say Godfrey is addicted to drugs and eats half a gram of cocaine a day, but in the summer of 2018, he
This left him with a debt of Rs 2,000,000, which caused bloodshed. He was just as shy and shy, I know
He brought his family and children.

Godfrey, Carmarthen on Catherine Street, admitted cocaine and marijuana were present during the relocation. They have no parents
He has been arrested but has been warned of cannabis theft since 2015.

Judge Paul Thomas KS was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.


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